Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Q the Eye/06.17.09

Dear LakeCountyEye,

How do you un-nominate someone that you just nominated to your legislative panel? The candidate came highly recommended but isn't working out. A prompt reply is appreciated, I have a big election scheduled in 2010.

Schmidt Outta Luck
Dear SOL,

Your LakeCountyEye knows how election day has a way of sneaking up before you know it. In order to fast-track the answer, your LakeCountyEye will assume that you have properly dispatched the unacceptable candidate and are now scrambling to contain the damage.

Damage control is a matter of managing public perception. And it doesn't matter if one is engaged in price-fixing or a cover-up or any sort of conspiracy, the basic rule of damage control is everyone involved needs to agree on a story. Preferably a plausible story -- and then stick to your story.

Their actual names aren't being used, but don't make the mistake Suzi S, Bob S & Keith T recently made. Suzi had a deadline and needed to nominate someone to sit on her board. Bob recommended Keith, who Suzi accepted sight unseen.

After the nomination, however, Suzi had second thoughts -- let's call it buyer's remorse, and Suzi prevailed upon Keith to withdraw. No problem, this sort of stuff happens every day. But what followed revealed a level of incompetence that would make even an entrenched functionary in local government blush.

The same day he withdrew, Keith sent out a press release (noticed by the NewsSun) stating his decision was based on a desire to spend more time with his family. This explanation already morphed by the following day -- now Keith lacked broad bi-partisan support from board members. Which Suzi related to the Daily Herald. This held for a weekend. On Monday Keith sent out another press release (also cited by the NewsSun) saying the absence of bi-partisan support had nothing to do with it. Instead he withdrew for health reasons.

Your LakeCountyEye cannot make this stuff up.

The only player to escape relatively unscathed was Bob S, who managed to do so by keeping a low profile throughout the whole affair. Perhaps your best option, SOL, would be to emulate Bob and make sure there is always someone else standing out front, to deflect the heat away from you.

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