Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Eye Pieces

  • Michael Waller, Lake County State's Attorney, has been accused of having no convictions. Add to this a failure to convict Tom Hyde for forgery. When he was Mayor of Island Lake, Hyde changed a date on a liquor license. Hyde's defense argued he was within his legal right to change the license. The Jury agreed. In less than an hour.

  • Louis Bianchi, McHenry County State's Attorney, has been accused of running his 2008 re-election campaign out of his County office. A special prosecutor has been requested. SOP dictates if you're clean then go on record welcoming a special prosecutor. Bianchi on the other hand is trying to get a judge to rule an independent investigation is not worth the costs. You know a politician is in trouble if letters of endorsement appear in the papers and it's not an election year. Real trouble when the letter is signed by your sister.

  • Your LakeCountyEye quickly found Federal campaign committees for M.Kirk, M.Bond, D.Seals, E.Richardson. Still looking for S.Garrett's committee. The primary is early February, but who's counting?

  • TeamAmerica thinks Michael Bond has buyer's remorse and will drop out once Mark Kirk announces he is running for re-election in Congress/10. If so your LakeCountyEye will finally get to update its embarrassing Pwned by Bond misstep. Also Bond keeps his State Senate seat and an already bad year for Suzi Schmidt just got worse.

  • And by now everybody knows Kirk is running for re-election in Congress/10. Because everybody knows Lisa Madigan is running for IL Senate. By everyone your LakeCountyEye means Barack Obama, David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel. You don't need to be a naturally cautious politician to know those are mighty long odds. Regarding that Governor job, 2nd tier contenders like Matt Murphy, Dan Proft are tossing their hats in the ring. Which means Kirk has signalled privately that no way will he be commuting to Springfield. The commute to Capitol Hill is much easier, your LakeCountyEye hears.


SaraSmiles said...

We will see if Waller has the cohones to prosecute former public officials once the Avon Township nonsense that was reported in the Daily Herald these past weeks pans out. Clearly in a lay person's eyes there was criminal misconduct. Now let see if the Republican big wigs try to sweep that under the carpet.

Freeboy said...

Waller prosecute an old time republican family like the Christians?...I doubt it. I hear that they are close friends and that relationship will prohibit him from doing what the people elected him to do...prosecute wrong doing! If Waller does not pursue this, it will be clear that he simply protects his cronies and I think the Avon Township Board should hold him accountable.

Anonymous said...

Can a State's Attorney be impeached or recalled? I say that is what should happen to Waller if this is passed over.