Sunday, January 18, 2009

Extending Route 53

The Lake County Board Public Works and Transportation committee meeting on January 14 decided unanimously to send to the full County Board the question of putting a non-binding referendum question on the April 7th ballot “an advisory vote should be held to gauge public sentiment on the idea of extending Route 53.” The full Board is expected to take up the matter on January 20.

Word has it that a number of previous opponents to extending route 53 are in favor of this question being put before the voters. This is an issue that has been studied and debated to ad nausea. It has been held up by a former State Senator whose backyard, rumor has it, would abut to the new highway, a current long time State Rep who wouldn’t comment on the issue, nor any other issue during the last election, and the Village of Long Grove. Meanwhile many Lake County commuters sit in traffic jams due to poorly designed roads and poor land use planning throughout the County.

What do you think? Let "Keeping an eye on Lake County" know if you think route 53 should be extended to Route 12 at the Wisconsin border or if you think it shouldn’t be extended, or if you other ideas on the subject.


Anonymous said...

Extend 53!!! I can't even get out of my subdivision on Old McHenry Rd. in the morning.

Long time resident in waiting

John and Nancee said...

October 2010
The new paved 53 while new has a definite vibration to it. A co-worker noticed it too so it must not be isolated to my car. Has anyone else noticed this? Does anyone with paving experience know what happened during paving that caused this?