Friday, January 2, 2009

The Brouhaha in Mettawa

For the first time in recent memory, there will be a contested election over who gets to run the Village of Mettawa. The Village Board there gave the green light to a new Costco on Route 60 ... and it looks like they got more than they bargained for.

"Mettawa residents who tried to stop the Village Board from approving a Costco store vowed they would try to unseat the Board after Costco was approved 5-2 on Nov. 18. They have organized a slate to run against five current Village Board members in the April 7 election.",vh-mettawa-122508-s1.article,lf-costcorxn-112008-s1.article

The opposition is running under a slate called the Mettawa Transparency Party.

Defending their turf are the Open Space Fiscal Responsibility Party. The incumbent slate includes Mayor Barry MacLean and four current trustees, including Larry Falbe.

Falbe is notable because he is Communications Vice Chair for the Lake County Republican Party.

Falbe also blogs under the nom de guerre TeamAmerica.

The exact name of the blog is TeamAmerica10th. Presumably not because Falbe considers himself to be (by comparison) one-tenth of a Team America. Rather, his is a pro Mark Kirk blog -- and Kirk's is the 10th Congressional District. Falbe's blog is also hosted by Blogspot.

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