Friday, February 17, 2023

The Continuing Story of Buffalo Billy

tastes like chicken
It was Valentines Day earlier this week, so naturally the wild ungulates are back in the news.

Whereabouts has been Tyson the Bison, Lake County's runaway buffalo? The same place where all runaway buffalos end up, in court:
What may be the last word on an escaped bison that roamed Lake County for months before being captured last May played out in court Friday.
Citations over Tyson the bison's escape dismissed
Escaping from his owners, Tyson the Bison ranged the Lake County forest preserves for the better part of last year. The animal was eventually captured, at the cost of thousands of dollars. So of course, charges were filed.

Well, all charges were dismissed this week:
Judge Raymond D. Collins found the prosecutors did not make the case
Citations over Tyson the bison's escape dismissed
The Lake County GOP issued a strongly worded statement: "This is just the sort of thing we've come to expect now that Illinois has eliminated cash bail. Tyson the Bison has been allowed to walk, scot-free like nothing ever happened. We will be locking up our homes and keeping our wives and daughters inside. You never know if Mr Bison is in your neighborhood."

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