Sunday, February 12, 2023

Cupid Is as Cupid Does

Feb 14 is this week. Which means it is high time to order that personalized card, pencil in some Xs and Os, and see it delivered to that one person who counts.

Your LakeCountyEye of course refers to your 2023 Election mail-in ballot.

HaHa. Lake County moneybags and the Mrs moneybags, Dick and Liz Uihlein, are one prominent Lake County couple. The Uihleins have a track record of giving large sums to right-wing causes. But like the battling Bickersons, the 2 Uihleins are not always on the same page:
The split between the Uihleins — the most powerful donor couple in the GOP, if not all of politics — has come to represent the rift cleaving the Republican Party writ large. While Liz has spent millions of dollars buttressing the party hierarchy, including candidates and super PACs backed by GOP leaders, Dick has invested even more heavily in tearing it down, pouring millions into far-right primary challengers and insurgent groups.
House divided: The megadonor couple battling in the GOP's civil war
Dick and Liz Uihlein have landed on opposite sides of some of the main fights illustrating the divides in the Republican Party.
It is unknown if the Uihleins dole out their largesse in festive wrappings:
However, one Lake County GOP spokesman said: "Gentlemen, there is plenty of money to go around for everyone. Please get in line. And let us know if you're in with the whackjobs. Or if you're one of their cynical enablers."

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