Sunday, January 15, 2023

Don't Take the Law into Your Own Hands, Take It to Court

too surreal
The history books of the future will say Lake County played a prominent role in the Illinois assault weapons ban. One prominent name in that history is Lake County favorite son, Ed Sullivan Jr.

Sullivan, a former GOP office-holder, is a lobbyist for the Illinois State Rifle Association. Ed Sullivan Jr wants to see the assault weapons law struck down by the courts:
Sullivan echoed ISRA executive director Richard Pearson's "challenge accepted" statement from Tuesday, noting that lawsuits are on the way. He said gun rights advocates will seek an injunction halting the implementation of the law, and that legal precedents show the law is unconstitutional.
As advocates in Lake County celebrate passage of assault weapons ban, local gun rights backers mull options
When asked if it would be appropriate to initiate a court challenge against the weapons ban in Lake County, one Lake County GOP spokesman said: "Yippee yi yo ki yay, Buckaroo".

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