Friday, June 24, 2022

Parting Griff

inside baseball
Literally no one:

Hedge-fund plutocrat Ken Griffin does not want Lake County favorite-son Mark Curran to be an Illinois Supreme Court Justice ...
Citizens for Judicial Fairness, the group funded by Griffin, has spent nearly $50,000 on campaign mail opposing Curran's primary bid. The recently appointed chair of Citizens for Judicial Fairness, D.J. Eckert, did not respond to requests for comment. Curran said he was not sure why Citizens for Judicial Fairness was opposing his run
Ken Griffin's money expected to again play role in Illinois Supreme Court elections, starting with primary for suburban district seat
To make matters worse, Curran will have to abandon any daydreams of sitting on the IL Supreme Court and ruling on securities and exchange fraud cases against certain hedge fund managers:
Billionaire hedge fund manager Ken Griffin is moving his company's headquarters from Chicago to Miami.
After apparent spectacular political failure, Ken Griffin takes ball, goes home to Florida
Note to Florida Ops: The Illinois Primary is June 28, next Tuesday. It is a crime to cast a ballot in two different states.

Just sayin!

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