Wednesday, June 29, 2022

All the Justice Money Can Buy

How is it done, son? Mark Curran knows how, son:
Curran started the quarter with $10,150.09 in the bank and didn't report raising any other money since then.
Ken Griffin's no-good, lousy day
Despite spending virtually no money, Lake County favorite son Mark Curran beat opponents who spent more than $200,000 for a chance to be an Illinois Supreme Court Justice.

Curran, however, would be advised not to get fitted for his black robe and powdered wig just yet. He still needs to win the General Election in November. Where that trick of his of raising no money is not going to work.

No, Curran needs to up his game. And see what other Republicans do to win, despite being outspent by significantly better funded opponents. Like Mary Miller and Darren Bailey. Quite frankly, Curran will need to get the endorsement of backseat driver and current President of the United States, Donald J Trump.

Note to Ops: Make that powdered wig an extra large, please.

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