Thursday, March 3, 2022

Third World War

Lake County has been sad witness to a government entity exerting illegal sovereignty over its independent neighbors. Your LakeCountyEye of course is referring to the Village of Third Lake and nearby residents of unincorporated areas.

HaHa, despite lacking jurisdiction, the Village of Third Lake wants to impose boat fees on unincorporated residents with homes on Third Lake:

Village of Third Lake
ORDINANCE NO. 22-02-02
NATO forces are not expected to intervene.


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely terrible. Condolences to the family of this man. It is senseless and beyond shameful this happened.

Despite the village relentlessly year after year asserting - via propaganda fliers, the village ordinance in this article and the previous years’ ordinances, citations, and a false affidavit signed and submitted by the village mayor to the court in Lake County in 2020 and as reported on this website - that the village has jurisdiction over unincorporated Druce Lake, and shaking down unincorporated area residents fo pay money just to use the lake, the village negligently failed to post warning signs of thin ice on unincorporated Druce, costing this man his life. The village taxes residents beyond its town borders with county sheriffs officers escorting the village mayor to do so, but neither village nor county make minimal efforts of posting warning signs sufficient to protect area residents on the lake it asserts is under its control and for revenue taxes as such. Shame on those law breakers who choose to use public office to cheat and - whether intentionally or unintentionally- endanger rather than serve the citizenry. Such a shame.

Why is the Lake County State’s Attorney pretending this isn’t a problem?

Anonymous said...

Above is a link to village’s announcements in February 2022, nowhere featuring the potential perils of Druce Lake or Third Lake, the lakes the village has (right or wrong) been regulating, claiming control of, and taxing to take revenue. In addition to failing to post anything on the village site, warning flags were not flown in February. Similarly warning signs were not posted around the access points.

Village of Third Lake is quite the taker but has demonstrated it has little interest in really protecting those it regulates and taxes. Below is a terrible tragedy.