Saturday, July 17, 2021

The Emeny Within

Note to Ops: Cover your heads. A stool pigeon is on the loose at the College of Lake County.

In reaction to plans by the College of Lake County to hire a diversity administrator, a battery of protesters showed up to express their opposition to ... critical race theory:
Editorial: Pressure on CLC is troubling for more than just slowing the college's diversity effort
What does hiring a diversity administrator have to do with critical race theory? Nothing.

For that matter, what is critical race theory? Nobody knows.

The important question is: Who dropped a dime on the College? Compelling the CLC Board of Trustees to table the action.

Agitated and misinformed crowds do not just materialize out of nowhere. Particularly to stop an obscure administrative procedure routinely performed by many colleges.
To your LakeCountyEye this looks like an inside job.

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