Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The Critical Masses

As Tennessee Goes, So Goes the Nation
Note to Ops: Due to the recent surge of new cases, government experts have declared a public health emergency. You are asked to shelter in place to help mitigate the transmission of the deadly variant. Your LakeCountyEye, of course, refers to Critical Race Theory.

Critical Race Theory, which public health experts had believed was isolated to the College of Lake County ...
Never Let a Good Critical Go to Waste
has now spread to schools in Dowers Grove:
approximately 150 protestors—many clad in red shirts—insisted that the district is advancing critical race theory, but using other code words and terminology to advance the concept.
Critical race theory opponents make their case at District 99 meeting
Anyone (yes even you) can become affected with Critical Race Theory, regardless of creed, color or national origin. Know your facts. Forewarned is forearmed:
Critical Race Theory FAQs

What is Critical Race Theory?
Nobody Knows

Where Did Critical Race Theory Come From?
Leaked from a Military Lab in Kenya

What are the Symptoms of Critical Race Theory?

What Treatments are Available?
  • Bleach
  • Ultraviolet Light
There is one proven way to stop Critical Race Theory -- an intensive regimen of Jim Crow. Contact your legislators today!

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