Sunday, June 13, 2021

Taxation Without Riparianation

Q: How many Lake County residents do not live in the Village of Third Lake?
A: Lots!
This US Census fact is not lost on the Village of Third Lake which wants to levy a $30 fee on all of these non-residents:

Village of Third Lake Lakes Commission
April 26, 2021 Minutes
5E. an addition to fee schedule for nonresidents which would charge them a $30 fee annually for access to adjacent lake and $60 for both lakes
Note to Ops: Those hoping to avoid fees are advised to move into the Village of Third Lake.


Anonymous said...

Butch is a bullying thief, holding hostage people’s private lakes. The private lakes do not belong to the village or to Butch himself. They legally belong to the multiple owners - the riparians- whom Butch is ticketing. Butch however is NOT a riparian, rather lives off the lake separated by an easement. He just misuses powers of local government to steal from rightful riparian owners, outside his village.

Worse Butch is being allowed to use the Lake County Sheriff. While Butch in true gastapo-fashion issues tickets at people’s unincorporated homes (yes, their homes), the Sheriff’s Dept is used as an escort by Butch. So when Butch arrives with a cop, people are mislead into believing the cop is issuing the ticket. But it’s only Butch doing the write up and the cop is merely being used as a hired babysitter.

Lake County has sunk to a new low. Keep reporting Eye on Lake County because the newspapers like Daily Herald and NewsSun are not. They are apparently too busy wrapping fish with their product.

Third Lake Sucks said...

The mayor’s kool aid is being guzzled by the village idiots on this commission, the ones that haven’t resigned, that is. Is blue green algae in the kool aid, or what’s their excuse for being a f*cktard?

Anonymous said...

It’s interesting Trustee Mateja is the only village official who is also an individual riparian. Is she too stupid to realize her riparian property is being devalued with this nonsense? Is she too apathetic other riparians will sue her village?

What does Dr. Batschitzcrazy have to say about the lunatics in Third Lake?

King George said...

Atta boy, President Buckley! I could not have done it better. If you cannot tax your own constituents, tax the ones you do not represent. Who cares about the law?! Law, schmaw. Rights, schmights. This is Lake County. Bribe a county judge if you have to. Why not? You already got the Sheriff’s Dept on the payroll. Just buy a judge. Lake County doesn’t hold crooked politicians accountable anyway. Just ask SA Rinehart.

Third Lake morons at work said...

Mental midget Rohrer admits the village wants to exploit unincorporated residents because they don’t pay Village taxes. Those are his words, and it’s what they are all about: a criminal enterprise shaking down unincorporated residents. A $30 / $60 access fee is criminal and in addition to the illegal, village boat sticker fee. The village owns neither the lakes nor the access points, yet they will charge fees as if they do own them.

You can’t charge a license to use something you don’t own and to which others have a right to use or access.

Anonymous said...

How many money scams will the Village of Third Lake run before the Lake County State’s Attorney does his job?

Butch Wants Your $ said...

First, Butch introduced an unincorporated lake use fee.
Second, his commission introduced an unincorporated lake access fee.
Third, the Cult of a Third Lake will introduce an unincorporated lake view fee.

Hedley Lamar said...

Good start, Butch. Now put up some overhead signs saying “Welcome To The Buckley Tollway” or “This Lake Launch Is Photo Enforced, Minimum $750 Fine”. Or think bigger. You Butch can be the first scumbag politician on your block that puts a red light camera on private lakes. Now go do that voodoo that you do so well.

Once if by land, twice if by sea said...


Will Commissioner Rohrer do us all the pleasure of producing an affidavit like Mayor McCheese did last year?

We all can’t wait to see the Legal Beagles’ interpretation of the law and how the village plans to enforce village access fees at public and private launches located in unincorporated Lake County. Butch butchered 65 ILCS 5/7-4-4 with his interpretation over water. Maybe we’ll see Rohrer rear-end 65 ILCS 5/7-4-2 to also justify their extraterritorial zoning on land. Just ignore that Appellate Court ruling in 1992 which confirms it’s illegal.

Anonymous said...

The Village of Third Lake is 0 for 2 in court. This would be the trifecta. Let’s see some coverage of the court losses going unreported by the Village.