Friday, April 16, 2021

Lose By a Nose

If Lake County has an election and no one knows about it, will there be any winners or losers? The mind-bending answer is Yes!

A sales-tax referendum passed in Deer Park last week:
The increase would result in an additional 50 cents of tax for every $100 spent, which could net Deer Park an extra $700,000 annually, officials said.
Northwest suburban voters say yes in referendums
This will buy some breathing-room for Clarke Mosquito.  Deer Park will have plenty of money to give Clarke Mosquito to spray the Village full of insecticides.

But don't expect them to stop there. Look for Clarke Mosquito in the Village of Third Lake, where they will be dropping herbicides in the residential lakes.

Dropping herbicides in the water is a little like spraying insecticides in the air. Except it happens in the water.

The big winner of the 2021 Lake County election is Clarke Mosquito.



Taxation Without Representation brought by Butch Buckley said...

Big surprise! Clarke recommends another big spend in 2021 for more spraying. Kerching!

Unincorporated Druce Lake residents want this stopped while the Butcher of Third Lake is forcing them to pay for his agenda via village boating stickers. Taxation without representation.

King George has nothing on King Butcher III.

Anonymous said...

Bully Butch exhibits the trifecta of bad government:

1. Bully Butch bullies others to relentlessly overspend on unaffordable personal agendas.

2. Bully Butch abuses municipal powers and coffers towards bullying attorneys and cops on both Third Lake and Druce Lake where he himself issued illegal code violations to owners of the lakes and used his hired guns to harass citizens in and out of court. All defendants in 2020 successfully defended themselves in court but had to use their own resources just to defend themselves against the big spending, bullying, and lying Butch. (Can Eye on Lake County please publish this liar’s signed affidavit to the Court?)

3. Bully Butch bullies others by abusing the powers of government, land-grabbing, placing new taxes on citizens who reside outside of his village, and shaking them down them to pay for his unaffordable, wasteful agendas.

Do your job, State’s Attorney Rinehart. Fit the bully for a pair of handcuffs and orange jumpsuit.

Anonymous said...

Will The Butcher of Third Lake in 2021 be mailing out more threatening letters to good folks in unincorporated areas, like he did last year? Nothing says ‘good government’ like written threats of ‘Buck up, suckers. Or else endure the wrath of the Butcher.’

Here’s an idea. Update the yellow paper to red this year. Or maybe write’ Eviction Notice” or “ Condemned” on the top to really get attention. Or more direct to the point “Give me the PIN to your debit card.....OR ELSE!”

Don’t sell yourself short, Butch. Double down and show the world how much of a political hack you really are. Be all that you can be, Butch!

the whole truth said...

EOLC should print the whole truth:

* copies of the 2 code violations issued by the village president in 2020 and highlight how expensive they were with 0 being successful in court
* the village president allegedly bribed a Lake County cop to put on his uniform, walk along on ‘Shakedown Day” with the village president, and act as muscle while issuing village citations around unincorporated Druce Lake in 2020
* the village president shook down an elderly lady on Druce Lake “to tears”, to make her pay for his boating sticker in 2020
* the village president in 2020 submitted to the circuit court a falsified signed and notarized affidavit of which his attorneys have since had expunged from the court files
* the village president in 2020 trespassed on to private property outside of his village to harass and issue his meritless citations for code violations against unincorporated lake owners
* the village president relentlessly harasses unincorporated residents because they refuse annexation into his gastapo village: the president’s end game
* the village president is taxing unincorporated property owners to pay for his unwanted scorched lakes policy and Clarke
* the village president is THE cause of escalated conflict on Third and Druce lakes
* the village president is not a police officer despite appointing himself by ordinance as the enforcer of his new 2021 boating ordinance.
* the 2021 contract between the Sheriff’s Department and Village of Third Lake does NOT include the Sheriff enforcing any village ordinances, leaving the president to enforce his illegal activities.
* the village president with his 2021 boating ordinance repeatedly exposes the village tax payers to major lawsuits from multiple entities.

Cartman of 3rd Lake said...

Respect My Authoritah! And pay boat sticker charges so that I can keep hiring Clarke to fill your lake with chemicals!

Anonymous said...,amp.html

What’s next, V. of Third Lake? Are you really bringing back the “Line of Death” to Druce and Third lakes? Really?

Buckley and his band of lake polluting @ssholes are starting yet another war, the same war @ssholes started and lost decades ago. Beacham v. Lake Zurich POA, 1988.

The Supreme Court in 1988 ruled owners of the lake have the legal right to recreate over the entire lake. Not a section of the lake, the entire lake. That includes across any village-drawn line in the middle of the lake. Dividing waters with more “Lines of Death” are not only illegal but are also a threat to safety on the lakes. When someone gets hurt on the lakes, this is directly on Butch Buckley and the Village of Third Lake.

I’m Not A Robot said...,amp.html

The attempted divide of Lake Zurich’s waters in 1984 is what Third Lakers are doing in 2021. Just read the Beacham attorney quote from 1984:

“The subsequent legal agreement between the two sides that defines the watery property line (in the lake) is deliberately silly,” according to Lessman (Beacham’s attorney). “You can`t just have everyone roping off his own territory in lakes,'' he said.

“Deliberately silly” in 1984, “completely moronic” in 2021.

Yes, Third Lakers are annexing parts of lakes and staking claim to their part of the lakes. Their quest to divide private lakes and turn them public is just like the circus on Lake Zurich. Boat Registrations are once again the issue. Money. It’s an encore performance of stuck on stupid.

Are there plans to again change the lake’s name?
How about to “Two-Thirds Lake”?
Or how about “Half Wit Lake”?
Maybe “Half Assed Lake”?
Or better yet “A Few Boats Short of a Regatta Lake”?
“Eminent Domained Lake?
“Not Exactly Legal Lake”?
“Turd In A Punchbowl Lake”?
“5/3 Lake”?
“What’s Yours Is Now Mine Lake”?
“Butchered Lake”?
“Buck Up Suckas Lake”?
“Who The **** Put This Douchebag In Charge Lake”?

Odds on favorite to best reflect “completely moronic”:
“1+1=3 Lake”

Anonymous said...

Another High Court ruling in Illinois (1997) where people have had to spend their money just to defend what is rightfully theirs from others who are hellbent on taking it away. By Illinois law, you cannot divide a lake and restrict the lake owners from recreating over the entire lake. Full stop.

Jail the big government, self-appointed-enforcer and mayor of the Village of Third Lake who in 2021 is drawing lines in the water of lakes for his restrictions

Jeff Spicoli said...

Happy April 20th! Kudos to the public officials of Third Lake getting so high on their own supply! What’s in Third Lake’s water that makes their spliffs so potent and over baking its mayor? Geez, if you want to bring in revenue to the village so badly, someone should open up a Taco Bell on the peninsula between Third and Druce. That’d be like striking oil!

Harold and Kumar said...

A White Castle. Not a Taco Bell.

It’s an ithsmus between the 2 lakes. Not a peninsula.

And quit spraying herbicide on our product.

Anonymous said...

1G of the village’s ordinance;

“G. Communities with lake sticker resident rights. Unincorporated Lake County Residents....are required to purchase village stickers to use the lakes.”

Disbar the lawyer who drafted this. “Required” does not equate to “rights”. “Required” is introducing a mandate in 2021 and a restriction from using the lake in 2021 if the mandate is not met. “Rights” in truth are what the Illinois Supreme Court already granted in 1988 to every lake bottom owner of the lakes, rights to recreate over the entire lake. Boating is a form of recreation. The right to boat over the entire lake are by state law inalienable from the unincorporated property owner of the lake. This ordinance is not only intentionally deceptive and in truth restrictive, it is illegal.