Monday, July 13, 2020

With the Thoughts that You'll be Thinkin' You Could be Another Lincoln

the fakenews
Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln! If alive today, the 16th President of the US would be 211 years young.

And did you know that Lincoln was a Republican? Your LakeCountyEye did not:
Donald Trump has claimed that until he became US president "nobody ever heard" that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.
Trump claims ‘nobody ever heard’ Abraham Lincoln was a Republican until he pointed it out
What else about President Lincoln does your LakeCountyEye not know? In a word, plenty. Legitimate businessman and US President Donald J Trump has unearthed 10 more unbelievable facts about his predecessor of which no one ever heard:
Donald J Trump's 10 Tremendously Phenomenal Facts
That You Did Not Know About Abraham Lincoln
  1. Lincoln had a deferment from the Civil War for bone spurs.

  2. Lincoln is on the 5 dollar bill.

  3. The US mint prints 5 dollar bills.

  4. Lincoln debated crooked Douglas.

  5. Ivan the Terrible did not interfere in the 1860 US election.

  6. Lincoln did not tear down any Confederate monuments.

  7. When he hit a golf ball, Lincoln would yell "Fore Score!"

  8. Lincoln did not wear a mask. Masks would always "ruin" his beard.

  9. They stole all of the towels from the Lincoln bedroom.

  10. Lincoln had small hands.
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Anonymous said...

Sure. Lincoln also ignored doctors’ recommendations to avoid drinking contaminated water and instead peddled his snake oil to cure cholera.

Eddie said...

Everyone knows Lincoln debated Douglas, is Republican and has face on the $5 bill. (@_@)