Saturday, July 18, 2020

Strange ICU Bedfellows

Schoolchildren throughout Illinois are taught this story of some courageous settlers who joined together to win independence from a backward-looking and far-away autocratic rule. The American Revolution? No, your LakeCountyEye of course refers to when Lake County won its independence from McHenry County.

It is a historical fact that Lake & McHenry Counties went their own ways back in 1839. But, even though they had an amicable divorce 181 years ago, the two Counties may be facing an acrimonious reconciliation in 2020.

The State of Illinois is to be divided up into separate COVID-19 regions. One of the regions will be Lake & McHenry Counties:

Chicago will be its own region, as will suburban Cook County. Other regions are: West Suburban comprising DuPage and Kane counties; North Suburban comprising Lake and McHenry counties; and South Suburban comprising Kankakee and Will counties.
Suburbs, Chicago now in separate COVID-19 regions as state aims to target hot spots
Not everyone is happy with the arrangement. One undisputed epidemiologist told your LakeCountyEye: "Lake County is second highest in Illinois for positive cases of COVID-19. While McHenry County is over-represented by Trump voters who feel they have a God-given right to reject sensible precautions against contracting COVID-19."

What could go wrong?

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