Thursday, September 5, 2019

McSweeney to Flee the Sceney

The picture in the attic.
Your LakeCountyEye won't have David McSweeney to kick around any more. Lame Duck Lake County politician McSweeney says he will not seek another term:
David McSweeney is out as a state representative but not out of politics. The Barrington Hills Republican announced Thursday he won't run for re-election next year and instead will pivot to a statewide bid in 2022. "I'll serve out the rest of my term and very likely will run for secretary of state (in 2022) if Jesse White doesn't run," McSweeney said referring to the popular Democrat incumbent, "or U.S. Senate depending on the circumstances."
McSweeney sets sights on statewide office, won't seek re-election
Highly observant observers say McSweeney had only one option: to quit while he's ahead: "What would he do if he lost his seat in 2020? Run for US Senate Governor Secretary of State two years later on a record of not being able to get re-elected?"

As things stand, McSweeney can tell his voters with a straight face:
"I think I can add value to the state's major problems," McSweeney said.
State Rep. McSweeney plans to run for new office in 2022
So true it is. So true.

Note to downstate Ops: Look for David McSweeney at rubber chicken Lincoln Day dinner near you real soon.

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