Sunday, April 7, 2019

The News from Wooster Lake

From reading their website,
Tanneron Bay is a condominium community governed by the Illinois Condominium Act, and other applicable and related laws enacted to regulate community and shared-ownership property.
Posted on the website is a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions:

Wooster Lake Conservation and Control Association Covenants
Recently, this blog has received a tip that these covenants and restrictions are not valid. The tip we received was a cease and desist letter addressed to the Tanneron Bay Board of Directors:

Kaiser Nakon Letter to Tanneron Bay Holiday Park 5-8-2018
Despite the cease and desist letter, it appears that the Tanneron Bay covenants and restrictions are non-binding. According to the website these are to be observed on a voluntary basis:
In the interest of preserving and enhancing the quality of Wooster Lake, Tanneron Bay voluntarily adheres to the WLCCA Covenants as published 7/1/1999: Wooster Lake Conservation and Control Association Covenants
Tanneron Bay Government
Does this effectively nullify the cease and desist letter? I don't know the answer to that question.


Endless Lies From Tanneron Bay said...

Its not just the internet used by the COMPULSIVE LIARS at Tanneron Bay Association. Hiding under the umbrella of a "nonforprofit corporation" and skirting personal accountability, they also use the Lake County Recorder's Office to deceive buyers of property around Wooster.
So they at Tanneron Bay currently use 2 different documents via 2 different methods to misinform incoming buyers of usage restrictions on Wooster.

Their 3rd big lie was when Tanneron Bay with a signed letter 9/6/2005 solicited the Lake County Sheriff Dept to enforce an illegal, never enforced, beyond-borders No-Wake ordinance

which Tanneron Bay Association received from Village of Round Lake in 2005 to reinforce the fraudulent covenants and restrictions highlighted in this EOLC article.

4th big lie: Fast boating harms Wooster Lake. An ecological study has never been done to substantiate those BS allegations. Never.

A bottomless pit of deceit from the COMPULSIVE LIARS at Tanneron Bay. A scam extending to present day, originating in 1999.

More evidence Tanneron Bay's said restrictions of Wooster are LIES: Both the IDNR in 2013 and the Lake County Sheriff state there are no legally recognized restrictions on Wooster and that Wooster is actually a "Wake Lake".

Tanneron Bay is a bunch of GRIFTERS.

Anonymous said...

Insanity. Tanneron Bay is the Theranos of Lake County, bilking incoming buyer afer incoming buyer. "Fake it until you make it!" taken to all new lows in corrupt Lake County, allowing it all to continue.

How many more buyers of property need to be defrauded with false paperwork purporting restrictive lake use from this association before the Lake County State's Attorney presses charges for fraud? How many more misinformed, cheated buyers will in frustration turn to harassment, threats, and violence on Wooster Lake where they themselves "enforce" said rules spewed from Tanneron Bay? Since certain Lake County and village officials have historically been lured in by Tanneron Bay to co-conspire with all the illegalities, expect this massive fraud to keep on truckin' and Nerheim to keep his eyes blind to the never-ending scam.

It's all negligence with malintent to cause conflict.

A liar's rationale said...

"Tanneron Bay is the Theranos of Lake County. Unfortunately that is spot on.

Maybe what's most similar is how long Tanneron Bay has been able to keep their massive lie going, i.e. how Tanneron Bay has done it. Watch the HBO special about the big Theranos lie, where a famous behavioral economist explains people will justify their lying even in a scary, compulsive, never ending fashion if those people are provided a "good cause" for their lying. Whether we like it or not, it's human nature that most people act on a well told story rather than on facts and data. A flaw in human nature. And there's always a scumbag scheister around to take advantage of that human nature to get what SHE wants.

The "good cause" on Wooster Lake is fast-boating needs to be stopped because it will somehow harm the lake. Even EOLC seems to buy into that cause to some degree.

On its surface that does sound like a good cause. The truth however is there is absolutely no data to support that false allegation. None. No ecological study has ever been done on Wooster to support that . In fact, Lakes Management Director Mark Pfister has been quoted in the Daily Herald in October 2005 stating "It's a myth fast boating harm lakes......Wooster can easily handle the pressure from boating." His words.

Tanneron Bay's so called good cause for lying compulsively and recording fabricated documents purporting the prohibition of fast boating to protect Wooster Lake is the equivalent of Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes' fabricated Edison machine testing for diseases: a great, feel-good story but one with absolutely no data or facts whatsoever to substantiate the massive fraud. Total BS designed to repeatedly prey upon those misled to believe in the "good cause" and go down with the sinking ship for that cause.

Read this below public statement made at the V. of Fox Lake in 2006 and it's clear on page 4 who at Tanneron Bay has been the equivalent of the compulsively lying, Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes:

A liar's rationale said...

Like Theranos having a known attorney with Director David Bois to assist with the big lie, Tanneron Bay too has an area-known attorney not only onboard with their No-Wake agenda but also with a personal vested interest in Wooster Lake.

The individual on page 3 of this same village meeting who spoke on record just before the Tanneron Bay resident (also an Officer) on record at V. of Fox Lake in 2006 is in fact:
- an attorney
- gave a known FALSE legal opinion about local government's jurisdiction to zone restrictions on Wooster Lake to try and lure that village into the fraud-reinforcing scheme. (Also every attorney knows prior notification to affected owners and a hearing are pre-requisites before adopting a zoning ordinance against others' properties, something never done.)
- a former Officer of the fraudulent, now defunct since 2011 WLCCA and
- one of the many legal owners of Wooster Lake, all of whom have never agreed to restrictions, as is required by law for Wooster to have restrictions.

SHE is the equivalent of attorney David Bois at Theranos: Fraud, Incorporated.

A liar's rationale said...

There is a 5th big lie from Tanneron Bay, being spread by Tanneron Bay's equivalent of Theranos' President Sunny Balwani.

On May 19 2005, Tanneron Bay resident and WLCCA Officer Thaddeus Kochanny (i.e. equivalent of Theranos' Sunny Balwani) emailed the Tanneron Bay President Penny Cummings (i.e. equivalent of Theranos' Elizabeth Holmes) stating he had a lengthy conversation with attorney Richard J. Nakon about the article's WLCCA and said restrictions of Wooster Lake. In short, Kochanny admitted and wrote Cummings that the recorded restrictions were "invalid" and "paper machet fiction". As phony as Theranos' Edison machine. The Tanneron Bay President responded writing:

"Thad, Thank you very much for taking the time to investigate the history of the WLCCA by-laws and covenants. I think many of us knew the covenants were never filed with any governing body.", then goes on to convince people to adhere to those fabricated restrictions.

Yet, 3 months later Tanneron Bay covertly solicited the V. of Round Lake to adopt a beyond-corporate-borders reinforcement ordinance with Tanneron Bay promising in writing to reimburse the Lake County Sheriff's Dept for enforcemnt of that ordinance. That illegal activity was the catalyst for a clarification bill to spawn in the state legislature and clarify such an ordinance was illegal. During the legislative hearings of the bill, this same Thaddeus Kochanny from Tanneron Bay showed up in Springfield proclaiming riverboat gambling would take over Wooster Lake if the bill were to be enacted. A 5th lie from the Sunny Balwani of Tanneron Bay.

Fortunately, Kochanny was told by the legislative committee Chair to be quiet or be removed from the hearing.

The bill was enacted..... and years later Tanneron Bay's premonition of a riverboat casino on Wooster Lake is still just another figment of their imagination. There is no riverboat casino on Wooster!

The bill's author wrote about this riverboat gamling lie being peddled to the state legislature to try to derail the bill. The lie was referenced in this below letter, page 4, sent to then Governor Blagojevich.

Same rationale. Fabricate a "good cause" and lying no matter in how many layers is somehow warranted, all under the umbrella of a nonforprofit corporation: Fraud, Incorporated.

A liar's rationale said...

A 6th lie from Fraud, Incorporated: Fast boating causes a safety issue on Wooster Lake.

Though in recent years motorboats and jetskis and waterskiers and tubers have been on Wooster Lake, none being ticketed for doing so, there is no documented fast boating accident on Wooster Lake. None. The only collision on Wooster Lake documented with the Sherrif's Department is where a Tanneron Bay resident Edward Kubicki alleged by many victims to have intentionally rammed their boat in an effort to enforce the said restrictions of Wooster Lake, the rammed-boat filled with kids and also pulling kids on a tube. The Tanneron Bay resident verbally threatened the driver of the rammed boat and was charged by the Lake County Sheriff and prosecuted by the State's Attorney.

Intentional ramming is intentional ramming. Threats are also intentional. Intentional is the opposite accidental, by definition.

Tanneron Bay's Ed Kubicki hired an attorney for his defense who brought to court a copy of the WLCCA DCCR's which assisted with his plea deal. He plead guilty to reckless operation of a boat.

The truth is Fraud, Incorporated's compulsive dissemination of said FALSE RESTRICTIONS of Wooster lake verifiably is the one and only cause of severe conflict on Wooster Lake, occassionally endangering kids legally and safely recreating on Wooster.

There were Theranos-goons who roughed up a Theranos-whistleblower. Tanneron Bay's equivalent goon is Ed Kubicki who allegedly rammed a boat with kids aboard and on a tube in tow. Kubicki threatened everyone to drink the Kool Aid of Fraud, Incorporated......... or suffer the consequences: vigilante violence.

Once again, the fabricated "good cause" somehow justifies violent enforcement of that lie, even if it's endangering others.

Fraud, Incorporated.

Anonymous said...

How is this still going on in 2019?

Let it be known the Silver Leaf Glen Homeowners Association, having the only Round Lake residents anywhere near Wooster Lake, wrote October 19, 2009 a letter confirming we never asked for the No-Wake ordinance adopted in 2005 by our Village of Round Lake. Only Tanneron Bay Association were the ones who asked for its adoption and did it secretly, circulating a petition in our neighborhood only after they got the ordinance from our village. Sleezy. Tanneron Bay is (thank God) not in Round Lake.

After lake owners filed suit 06 MR 370 in March '06 against our village (which never should have got involved), village lawyer Jim Magee wrote an email declaring our village would not pay for the defense of the suit. County Board Commissioner Bonnie Carter responded in writing the County too would not pay for the defense of the suit, a suit challenging the ordinance that no one in Round Lake asked for or wanted defending.

06 MR 370 and the No-Wake ordinance nonetheless was defended by expensive lawyers for nearly 2 years in 2006 and 2007, a major expense. Contrary to what "Fraud, Incorporated" would have you believe, lawyers do not work for free especially for almost 2 years for any sued village, like ours.

Who accepted the reimbursement money? Who paid the reimbursement money? Who brokered for the reimbursement money to be paid? The Corrupted, the Bad, and the Ugly. That is your "Fraud, Incorporated." Silver Leaf Glen Homeowners Association was not involved. Certain Village, Tanneron Bay, and County officials are your criminals.

Follow the money transferred to defend 06 MR 370. That money was used as cover and to keep on the books of our village the unwanted, unenforced No-Wake Ordinance, an ordinance adopted Sep 6, 2005 that on record was admittingly done to reinforce the infamous Wooster Lake Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions many property buyers had "bought into", as Penny Cummings and Bonnie Carter admit. The same garbage that since May 19, 2005 was being exposed by attorney Richard Nakon to Tanneron Bay as being invalid, an invalidity absent from Tanneron Bay's website.

Yes, the No-Wake village ordinance was asked for by Tanneron Bay Association, but it is only 1 of their cover up attempts maestro'd by them. Another is Tanneron Bay's adopted by-laws filed November 20, 2012 #6924234 at the County Recorder Office, once again cooking up Wooster's waters as restricted. Tanneron Bay only did this after our village in 2011 finally rescinded the unwanted, unenforced No-Wake ordinance. This recorded filing is Tanneron Bay's document and otherwise has nothing to do with us in Round Lake. It is their lie.

Like other recordings it too is a misuse of the Lake County Recorder Office as Tanneron Bay then and now does not have the required jurisdiction to restrict Wooster's waters. Tanneron Bay has only 1, 29 short of the required, of all the 30 Wooster Lake properties inside of its borders. It does not obtain anywhere close to the jurisdiction needed to legally restrict the non-exclusively-owned waters of private Wooster Lake. 100% consent of the lake's owners is the legal requirement to restrict Wooster and that has been explained to Tanneron Bay by lawyer Richard Nakon over and over and over, as the letters from lawyer Richard Nakon indicate.

With all the information, it should be obvious Tanneron Bay is addicted to lying about lake restrictions, and they do not care who they bamboozle or who they cheat or who they endanger to keep up the appearance of their precious said restrictions. For they will not even comply with Richard Nakon's multiple cease and desist demands, something they freely admit to voluntarily putting on their website today in 2019.

Tanneron Bay needs a suit slapped against them, and a judge needs to drop the hammer. Tanneron Bay has more than earned it.

Anonymous said...

This Declaration was filed in the Recorder’s Office in 2003, 16 years ago and counting, ignoring cease and desist letters. With other methods, they resort to building on their con with more lies stacked upon lies. Confession is not an option.

Tanneron Bay is demonstrating the “What The Hell Effect”. In their view adding just one more lie to a 16-year pile already as deep as Wooster Lake is what makes sense to them. Pathological, lying grifters.

Elizabeth Holmes said...

Dear Officers of Tanneron Bay over the last several years: Penny Cummings, Peter Dziadus, Bob Koziol, Norm Bruner, Eileen Perry, Ronald Michalek, Marty Kein, Nina Swanson, James Cogar,

I like your style!

I am starting up a new company in Sheister Valley and am looking for a few good men and women. We have big money investors that need to be convinced of parting with their money. No need to send me resumes or references. Your impressive work here is all the proof I need. This track record of persistent disdain for the facts and truth is nothing short of amazing and is a perfect match with my new start up.

Please apply asap as I must disclose I could soon be "unavoidably detained" for a decade, maybe two or three. Four at the most.

Holiday Park scammed said...

Holiday Park had these real looking lake rules forced into Holiday Parks paperwork filed at the County way before any of us moved into Holiday Park. Take a guess who did that? Our town of Fox Lake done at the direction of the Tanneron Bay d'bags and Bonnie F'n Carter. B!tch. We bought into these thinking the rules and the WLCCA were real and got screwed. Tanneron Bay always talks a big game about the lake rules but never themselves adopted the Wooster Lake Declaration into their own bylaws and never filed them at the Lake County Recorder. F'n hypocrites doing it to us and never filing it against themselves. Tanneron Bay told everyone for years they did this a long time ago and people blindly believed them. All they did with the Wooster Lake declaration of rules was put it up on the f'n internet for everyone to believe in and lying to everyone saying everyone on the lake signed up to them when nobody did. Lying sacks of monkey sh!t have not changed at all. Is it too late to get a class action going?

Identities of Tanneron Bay Liars said...

The WLCCA DCCRs in this article posted on Tanneron Bay’s website contains no stamp from the Recorder’s Office. It’s just a website operated by Propaganda Meister aka Webmaster Norm Brunner on behalf of Fraud Incorporated, aka Tanneron Bay.

There is no Recorder’s stamp because they at Tanneron Bay never actually filed it against their own lake property. Tanneron Bay has known this all along but lied about this to engage others in the growing scam. They have always known of the fraud. Tanneron Bay Officers like Peter Dziadus and Penny Cummings and Jim Cogar and Bob Koziol and Norm Brunner jumped aboard the fraud train in 1997, then lied repeatedly and masqueraded under the guise of “WLCCA Officers”, a fabricated always phony lake association, convincing surrounding local units of government to also jump aboard their train and get the WLCCA DCCRs inserted into the Holiday Park Declaration, which they did in 2003, recorded under 5094179.

Officials from Fox Lake, Grant Township, Round Lake, Lake County were all eventually recruited and engaged by this Fraud Incorporated.

To be fair, Tanneron Bay formed in 1997 and the scheisters therein were recruited by a handful of friends of Bonnie Carter like Geri Stimpson. She beginning in 1995 documented they were setting out to defraud incoming buyers of property moving to Wooster, fraud via the rebirth of the WLCCA. The WLCCA Meeting Minutes of January 1995 and also November 2006 collecting a myriad of fraud-admitting quotes of various scheisters prove they knew the legal requirements to restrict the lake (requirements given to them by attorney Richard Nakon) , that they could not meet those legal requirements, and fraud was instead pursued without lake owners’ consent. Fraud was intentional. Tanneron Bay was the primary political fuel for the fraud train and its Officers have kept it going via this website for years. Not even the State’s dissolving of the WLCCA in 2011 was enough for Tanneron Bay scheisters to get religion, nor were attorney Nakon’s phone calls and cease and desist letters to Tanneron Bay. Nor was the Lake County Sheriff’s 2014 email declaring Wooster is considered by them as a “wake lake”.

In 2019 Tanneron Bay uses its website to voluntarily spread this longruning no-wake lie for people to still buy into. Some of the lake owners listed on the phony DCCRs have moved away or even died. That’s how old this lie is. Moreover, none of the listed people alive or dead ever signed this’s so big it refuses to flush down the toilet.

Norm Brunner is the association’s “Webmaster “ aka Propaganda Meister of the site where this paper machet association and phony rules of Wooster Lake live on today.

it takes a village said...

"It takes a village" to pull off this extensive of a scam, this one running 20 years. A long time to pull the wool over anyone's eyes. Maybe it's more accurate though to say "it takes villages' (pl.) corrupted officials".

Yes Tanneron conspired with Bonnie Carter and pals and whipped up this boondoggle, something as described by Tanneron resident Thad Kochanny in a May 2005 email as always being "paper machet fiction". However the cheats could not have pulled it off without first somehow convincing Fox Lake attorney Howard Teegan to drink the Kool-aid, draft and support an ordinance that when adopted required the Cambridge developer to insert the unsigned by anyone WLCCA DCCRs. NO SIGNATURES. (At least 1) signature on a document is Contracts 101, but somehow Teegan an experienced attorney "missed" this legal requirement of any signatures being on there. Teegan proceeded to draft ordinance 2001-52 and had his village trustees adopt and file it at the Lake Co Recorder's Office in 2001. That set the table for the scam and the unsigned WLCCA DCCRs did get adopted into Cambridge at Holiday Park HOA's by-laws filed with the Lake Co Recorder in Jan 2003. Via Teegan, FL officials swallowed the bait "hook, line, and sinker" just as any avid fisherman of Tanneron would say.

Their scheme began to unravel though in May 2005 when attorney Nakon began to expose to Tanneron Bay residents the invalidity of the WLCCA and its DCCR's where an email sharing advice from Richard Nakon circulated within Tanneron. Honest people at that point in May 2005 would have worked with the lake's owners and the Compromise Committee that formed that summer, working towards a compromise and something legal. Not Tanneron Bay officials. Oh no, they were just getting warmed up. Rather than pulling the bogus DCCRs from the Tanneron website, they unilaterally added another layer of rotten onion when they in Sep 2005 went behind the backs of the lake's owners and requested for the V. of Round Lake officials to help them with their no-wake cruscade, illegally adopting the extraterritorial No-Wake ordinance over unincorporated Wooster, without notification to or consent from the lake's legal owners.

Never were the V. of FL residents (except for the WLCCA DCCRs "retyper" Kenneth Calvert who in 2003 went to jail for attempted murder of his wife) nor were Round Lake residents behind this scam. Those village officials did it on behalf of Tanneron Bay, which is in unincorporated Lake County. The villages' officials were simply bribed by unincorporated Lake County residents/association officials into doing things they knew were not legal. This is not just theory. The RL village attorney advised his clients in writing not to adopt Tanneron Bay's wishes, on record as peddled by Howard Teegan and Bonnie Carter.

But the RL officials did anyway.

The RL residents nearest Wooster wrote a letter confirming they never asked for the ordinance much less never wanted it defended in court.

But the RL officials did both anyway.

The village of RL attorney confirmed in writing the village would not pay for the no-wake ordinance's defense in court.

But attorneys that charge a lot of money defended it anyway in court for almost 2 years. Some association's officials paid for those attorneys

Tanneron and the RL/FL officials can't blame "the WLCCA" because it never legally existed, per Thad Kochanny's own admission in his May 2005 to Tanneron President Penny Cummings and Bonnie Carter. Tanneron never adopted and filed the WLCCA DCCRs, too. Only Cambridge at Holiday Park POA did. The WLCCA has also been officially dissolved since 2011, last meeting in 2007. Also, 14 years after being first told of it's invalidity by Nakon, Tanneron officials have received but voluntarily (by their own choice) ignored Nakon's follow-up cease and desist letters.


If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will believed.

Anonymous said...

No one from the Tanneron Bay Association is defending their actions in these comments. Their stoich silence in defiance of cease and desist letters is pathological. Whack jobs!

Anonymous said...

Half the people in “Exhibit A” the so called owners of land and waters of Wooster Lake do not live on Wooster Lake or are dead. One PIN 05-23-401-004 is listed 2x in the list, said to be owned by different people at different addresses. Tanneron Bay’s listed PIN 05-23-200-016 is no longer even a PIN recognized by the Lake County GIS mapping application. Tanneron Bay never adopted any by-laws that incorporated the DCCRs at Tanneron Bay. Only 4 of the 40 Wooster Lake properties, far short of the required 100%, have the DCCRs indexed against the property. Nobody has ever signed any of the several versions of the DCCRs in circulation. Richard J. Nakon has repeatedly written he never prepared any final version of the DCCRs. A convicted felon who tried to brutally murder his own wife is the one who retyped (aka forged) the DCCRs.

This ever-steaming turd is reflective of the character of those voluntarily keeping it alive on their website, left there for unsuspecting others to buy into.

Tanneron Bay Officials pathologically defraud everyone, including their own residents.

Lake Nazis' propaganda said...

The WLCCA DCCRs belched on the internet by Tanneron Bay offials is the equivalent of "Mein Kampf" with nazis inventing the lie and hiding under fake corporations.

Go to

1. Enter Key Word "Wooster"

2. Click into East Shore Improvement Association of Wooster Lake, Inc. and find this association was involutarily dissolved by the State on 12 / 2 / 1996

3. Click into Wooster Lake Improvement Association, Inc. and find this association was involuntarily dissolved by the State on 12 / 9 / 2011

4. Click into Wooster Lake Conservation and Control Association, Inc. to find that this association was involuntarily dissolved by the State on 3 / 11 / 2011

According to "Mein Kampf", the 2. and 3. corporations are owners of Wooster Lake who have declared their allegiance to the Third Reich. Yet per the State, 2. and 3. were involuntarily dissolved years ago. The corporations do not exist.

According to "Mein Kampf", 4. is the "Said body that shall be the governing body for all of the Owners" of Wooster Lake. Yet per the State, the corporation in 4. was involuntarily dissolved years ago. This corporation too does not exist.

However, now plug in "Tanneron" in the Key Word search. There you will find an active, real corporation. There is your Third Reich which voluntarily disseminates on the internet its Mein Kampf.

Zieg Heil, Wooster Lake. Make sure all boats properly display the swashtika.

Anonymous said...

1 of the many owners in the Exhibit faked as a Declarant and projecting allegiance to Tanneron Bay’s propaganda is the “Wooster Lake Improvement Association, Inc.” (WLIA)

In this link
the WLIA has a long history dating back to the 60’s of soliciting and wasting public resources on their meritless attempts to steal Wooster Lake owners’ rights by way of bogus zoning ordinances. MacNeal the owner of Holiday Park Resort consisting of a few lake properties of Wooster clearly won the case but only after a lot of money and resources were wasted by the WLIA and County.

The resource-flushers at Tanneron Bay recruiting officials to fabricate, reinforce, and sell their unlawful no-wake agenda on Wooster use the same playbook as the WLIA. Another of many quasi associations dissolved by the State. Similar to Tanneron Bay, the WLIA also never actually adopted the WLCCA DCCRs as Tanneron Bay’s propaganda claims.

Tanneron Bay Officers are pathalogical liars.