Sunday, November 25, 2018

Wear Pollution

This sign contains ethylene oxide.
Your LakeCountyEye has good news and bad news. The good news is Lake County does not have to worry about pollution coming from Foxconn in Wisconsin. The bad news is that's because Lake County already has plenty of pollution coming from Waukegan:
More than 19,000 people live within areas at risk from ethylene oxide emitted by a Medline Industries facility near Interstate 94 in the southwest corner of Waukegan
2 Lake County polluters emit same cancer-causing gas as Sterigenics, but authorities haven't warned the public
What does Medline manufacture? Wait for it ...

Hazmat Suits:
A local company is working side by side with many health care facilities to create protective wear for medical workers. Medline, a Mundelein-based company, is in high demand right now. They are making life-saving protective gear
Mundelein company's protective Ebola suits in high demand
Note to Ops: Make up your own joke here.

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