Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Blue is the New Red

That giant sucking sound you hear are the paper shredders working overtime in Waukegan.

Haha, despite having campaigned for votes by stoking fears against minorities, the GOP has become the minority party in Lake County. In fact, the EPA is reevaluating its policy of not enforcing of the Endangered Species Act. The Republican Party is near extinction in Lake County.

The results in the 2018 election are in.  The Lake County Board flipped to a 12-9 Democratic majority. Every Republican Congressman in Lake County was swept out of office. All countywide offices that mattered -- Treasurer, Clerk, Sheriff -- were turned over to Democrats. There were enough flips, sweeps and turnovers to weave a new toupee for Donald Trump:
With the last votes from the Nov. 6 election finally counted, Democrats have a majority on the Lake County Board for the first time in the county's 179-year history. And Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran -- who won office as a Democrat in 2006 and infamously jumped to the GOP two years later -- looks to be out of a job.
Democrats gain control of Lake County Board; Curran ousted as sheriff
By no means does this represent a total annus horribilis for the Lake County Republicans. After all, the majority of past GOP office holders have always been closet Democrats. These were candidates who knew they couldn't get elected in Lake County running as a Democrat. Expect now to see these RINOs try to -- erm -- horn their way into the Democratic Party. Note to Ops: The Democrats are going to need someone to run for State's Attorney in 2020. Preferably someone with a law license and experience at holding down a countywide office. Preferably in law enforcement. Just sayin!

The biggest loser of 2018, of course, is your LakeCountyEye. How are you going to top this?

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