Sunday, September 2, 2018


How many names does he have?
Well on his way by now to the Governor's mansion, Lake County favorite son Kash Jackson -- née Benjamin Winderweedle -- picked up some earned media from the Chicago Tribune:
Why would a politician change his name from Benjamin Winderweedle to Kash Jackson? I'm hard pressed to come up with a better ballot name than Winderweedle.
Campaign curiosities: Why not 'Winderweedle'?
If your spider-sense is all tingly with deja-vu, that's because you remember this LakeCountyEye story:
A ballot-name like Winderweedle comes along once in a lifetime. Could you resist casting your vote for the guy named Winderweedle? Your LakeCountyEye could not.
Wither Winderweedle
That sounds a lot like your LakeCountyEye. Has the Chicago Tribune -- née Eric Zorn -- been datamining your LakeCountyEye for ideas?

There are some differences. The Chicago Tribune made this crack about Kash Jackson's name:
Kash Jackson sounds to me more like a mixed martial arts fighter than a public official.
Campaign curiosities: Why not 'Winderweedle'?
While your LakeCountyEye likened Kash Jackson's name to a role in a porn movie:
Appearances to the contrary, Kash Jackson is not the name of a character in the new Stormy Daniels movie. No, Kash Jackson is is the name of Lake County favorite-son and candidate for Governor.
Wither Winderweedle
Note to Ops: How many times has this happened to you? Your are watching porn. Someone walks into the room. You quickly click to the mixed martial arts channel.

Just Sayin!

Your LakeCountyEye: Ripped off by the Chicago Tribune since September 2018.

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