Thursday, September 20, 2018

Make a Clean Breast of It

In preparation for Halloween, the Chicago Tribune has been channelling Helene Walsh. They scrubbed their website.

As readers of this blog are aware,
Does BGLCC Stand for NSFW?
the Tribune ran a story about a pornographic website that had been spoofing the Buffalo Grove-Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce.

The Trib story contained a hotlink to the website in question. And by hotlink, your LakeCountyEye means an active hyperlink to a XXX hardcore pornsite.

Now having, erm, blown the whistle, your LakeCountyEye observes that the hyperlink to the pornsite has been disabled in the Chicago Tribune story:

Fake website displaying obscene content taken down by Buffalo Grove-Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce
Note to Ops: Are there any other pornsite links remaining on the Internet? Just askin!

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