Monday, April 3, 2017

Sure Fire Winners

None of the above?
Q:Why is the 2017 Illinois election held right after April Fool's Day?
A:2017 is an election year? Gotcha -- April Fool's!

Haha, contrary to popular belief, there most certainly is an election tomorrow. And according to the Daily Herald there are more uncontested races than ever:
Suburban voters are seeing plenty of local races on their ballots this week, but they don't always see much choice. Barely 30 percent of the hundreds of races being decided Tuesday are contested, according to a Daily Herald analysis. That's down from about 45 percent of races that were contested in local elections eight years ago.
Where did the candidates go? Why most voters have few choices at the polls
More than two out of three races are uncontested in Tuesday's election. Here are some reasons why
One unquestionable source told your LakeCountyEye that this is part of a long-range plan to lower voter turnout to zero percent. When the day comes that no one votes, then office holders will be appointed -- just like they do in the rest of the undeveloped world. Where their democratically-elected governments are subject to the dictates of one-party rule.

Note to Ops: There is a Consolidated Election tomorrow, April 4, 2017. This is your opportunity to stick it to the man.

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