Saturday, February 25, 2017

Out of Sight Out of Mind

DESERT has only one S .... and it is a verb.
I met a man at a free town-hall,
Who was not Peter Roskam at all.
I asked him whether if he knew,
Neither was I Peter Roskam, too.

Haha, anyone hoping to see Congressman Peter Roskam any time soon has their work cut out for them. According to the Patch ...
Congressman Peter Roskam is on a House Democracy Partnership trip abroad this week while some of his constituents were hoping to meet with him.
Rep. Peter Roskam On Trip Promoting Democracy Abroad While Constituents Seek Meetings At Home
Roskam's trip is under press embargo; the whereabouts of the vestigial Lake County Congressman are top-secret:
The delegation is traveling with the military and their security protocols do not allow for the for public disclosure of their travel plans until they have returned.
Rep. Peter Roskam On Trip Promoting Democracy Abroad While Constituents Seek Meetings At Home
Roskam is traveling as the Chair of the House Democracy Partnership:
The mission of the House Democracy Partnership is to promote responsive, effective government and strengthen democratic institutions by assisting legislatures in emerging democracies. Central to our work is peer-to-peer cooperation to build technical expertise in partner legislatures that will enhance accountability, transparency, legislative independence, access to information, and government oversight.
Mission : House Democracy Partnership
One high ranking spokesman said: "The purpose of the trip is to expose overseas governments to our democratic ideals. For instance, Congressman Roskam has been schooling foreign legislators on the art of avoiding the voters. As the case may be, by scheduling for yourself plenty of overseas junkets."

Note to Ops: Button those lips!


Cal Skinner said...

Wish Joe Walsh were still in Congress holding a town hall meeting pretty much every week?

Barney Baxter said...

Hi Cal,

Those were the good old days. I absolutely wish Joe Walsh was in Congress. You should use your clout and get Mr Walsh to run next year!