Monday, February 13, 2017

A Plugged Nick

Donald Trump may have been on more covers of Time than everyone else in the world -- combined. But Nick Sauer has been on more covers of the Barrington Country Magazine:

Mr. Sauer
Goes to Springfield
Haha. (Lake County incipient State Representative) Nick Sauer's cover photo caught the eye of the CapitolFaxBlog last week, who quickly responded with (what else?) a ...
Caption contest!
The CapitolFaxBlog attracts some of the highest rankin' prankers in the Land'o'Lancoln. And, long story short, your LakeCountyEye found ten captions that were at the very least good-enough:
The 10 Funniest Nick Sauer Caption Contest! Comments
  1. Dyno Sauer!

  2. Hint: Springfield is located in a prominent Midwestern state.

  3. Q: Is that Aaron Schock?

  4. A: Mr Schock will be available for a cover-shoot in February of 2037.

  5. Tuxedo Courtesy the Men's Wearhouse
    We Have the Right Look for You

  6. Not Shown: Big Boy™ pants (black)

  7. Nick has the intestinal fortitude not to vote for Speaker Madigan.

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  9. Can't Spell Metrosexual Without ME

  10. Q: Is that Aaron Lawlor?
Look for your LakeCountyEye saying cheese near you.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This guy has been born with a Political Silver Spoon in his mouth. He has yet to campaign, his positions have been given to him at all levels.