Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Sullivan Caucus

It is not for nothing that the Lake County Gazette is the most trusted source of fake news in Lake County. This week the Lake County Gazette published a story about Ed Sullivan's retirement from the Illinois General Assembly, but illustrated it with a photo of some chumbolone who is not Ed Sullivan:
The error was quickly corrected within a speedy 72 hour time span:

Sullivan formally resigns from Illinois House seat
An understandable faux pas given that Sullivan was a Lake County State Rep for only 14 years.

Note to Ops: Your LakeCountyEye did not recognize the not-Ed-Sullivan chumbolone either, and fed the image into the Google facial recognition API. The results were not totally unsurprising:

Dan Sullivan (U.S. Senator)
It appears that Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan and former State Rep Ed Sullivan share a lot in common, which would explain the Lake County Gazette's honest mistake:
Alaska US Senator Dan SullivanFormer Illinois State Rep Ed Sullivan
Last Name is Sullivan?
Middle Aged?
US Senator?
The message intended by the Lake County Gazette is loud and clear: If you've seen one middle-aged white guy you've seen them all!

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