Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hymn for a Sunday Evening

Haha, the Lake County Gazette -- Lake County's #1 fake news source -- got the fake news wrong. As readers of this blog are aware ...
All the News That's Counterfeit to Print
The Lake County Gazette published a story about State Rep Ed Sullivan's retirement from the General Assembly ...

Internet Archive
... but lead with a photo of some goomer, one who is not State Rep Ed Sullivan.

Since then, the Lake County Gazette changed the photo -- although still not recognizably of Ed Sullivan:

Sullivan formally resigns from Illinois House seat
Now it goes without saying that the fake news is mostly outsourced to unemployed hackers in Eastern Europe. And those same Uzbekistan hackers may not know who Ed Sullivan is, nor would be expected to recognize him on the street. But a good photo of Ed Sullivan is no farther away than a Google search:
Note to Operatives at the Lake County Gazette: Your fly is open. Please update your story with the provided photo of Ed Sullivan.

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