Friday, August 5, 2016

Guilt by Association

There was a fly on the wall this week, at a GOP press conference in Schaumburg. And for the record, the fly was sent to the lab and tested for Zika.

Haha, also present was the Daily Herald -- which said that State Senate candidate Mike Amrozowicz was ...
Flanked by a large poster showing former President Richard Nixon and House Speaker Michael Madigan side by side ...
Suburban GOP lawmakers push for term limits, dismiss questions about unity

A telling pause?
Using the poster as a visual aid, Amrozowicz pointed out that Madigan was first elected in 1971. And in that same year -- 1971 -- Nixon had not been impeached.

Students of history will note that in 1971, Kim Jong-il had not been impeached, either.

Kim Jong-il

Mike Amrozowicz
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