Sunday, August 21, 2016

Assessing, the Damage

objection oriented programming Unhappy with your assessment? That's because it is the job of the Lake County Assessor to make an ass out of ess and ment.

Haha, those who disagree with their assessment customarily had 30 days to appeal -- by marching down to the election booth, and throwing their Assessor out of office. And voting-in, instead, an Assessor who will value homes at considerably less than the ones over in the next Township.

A lucrative sleight-of-hand like that, however, is going to have a short shelf-life. According to the Daily Herald
Cuba Township Assessor Rebecca Tonigan says her work to fairly set property values has been "undermined" by an appointed Lake County official. Tonigan and other township assessors are questioning why Lake County Chief Assessment Officer Martin Paulson's office kept them out of the most recent property valuation process. The township assessors contend the result without their input was across-the-board percentage increases set by Paulson's office that could lead to higher property taxes.
Lake County assessors clash over property value hikes
Note to Ops: Cuba Township is just across the border from McHenry County. Where homes are still valued the old fashioned way -- by their Township Assessors.

Just Sayin!

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Anonymous said...

Going from local township Assessor to Paulson is an example of going from the frying pan and into the fire.

Lake County = cesspool of corruption.