Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Final Decision

Last year at this time I wrote about a conflict in Ingleside over riparian rights and property assessments.  One principal who played a leading role in the story appealed the assessment of his Wooster Lake home to the State and sent me the decision:

This homeowner regards the favorable decision as a defacto ruling that his and other homes on Wooster Lake are not legally bound to restrictions stated in a local homeowner's covenant.

Whether or not he is right or if this is the end of the story remains to be seen. But I post this update for those who are interested.


Anonymous said...

The lying Grant Township Assessor slung all kinds of BS:
- In May 2014 she said Wooster Lake, Duck Lake, and Brandenburg Lake properties were always restricted because of covenants and restrictions filed at the Lake County Recorder of Deeds Office
- Then later in 2014-2015 ignored the State's Attorney's advice and without a declaratory judgment tried to claim Wooster Lake properties were no longer clouded with restrictions, the same ones on which she said she had based her original assessment. She also admitted a restrictive status lowers assessment values.
- Then in May 2016 flip flopped again to claim it's "irrelevant" if lakes are restricted or not when assessing lake property value

This public official can't keep her own lies straight. She'll lie as many times as possible to confuse people and protect her Deputy who is at the core of the fleecing of some and patronage with others.

The proof is in the numbers.......EoLC should follow the money because now in 2015 many other Wooster Lake properties are also receiving MASSIVELY LOWERED ASSESSMENTS. Some land values are lowered as much as 63% compared to 2014. That's how far off this Grant Assessor has been with her previous assessments.

The fudged numbers make Grant Township the poster child for removal of township government in Lake County.

Kirk Denz said...

My wife and I aren't the only ones who have been overassessed by the cheats and liars using their public offices for years to cloud Wooster Lake properties with restrictions. The new land assessment values now out for 2015 indicate just about EVERY PROPERTY OF/AROUND WOOSTER WAS OVERASSESSED PRIOR TO 2015. MANY PROPERTIES. All assessed under false pretenses by the Grant Assessor's Office. Only now after state intervention (again) are local politicians just starting to correct their wrongs. But what about past years?

All these tax payers ripped off.......and not even so much as an apology from the Grant Township Assessor or from her Sr. Deputy who has been there since 2001 or from the 5-term Lake County Board Member who are all neck deep in this big cheat. Apparently none of them are sorry for their wrongful actions: clouding of Wooster Lake properties, false assessments, overtaxation, illegal ordinances, restrictions filed in the Lake County Recorder of Deeds Office, misuse of government power, the slander of people who boat at wake speeds, the covert dirty deals they made along the way to support their scheme. None of them sorry for forcing state resources to intervene.

Is there any doubt the illegal actions were intentional, and they just aren't sorry for them?