Friday, February 20, 2015

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will grow hair on a cueballGood news everyone: your LakeCountyEye has a new job. Lake County's newest real estate agent has just listed a nice 13-acre undeveloped property, and invites Operatives over to Mundelein for a looksee.

This prime piece of acreage is conveniently located between Route 45 and Route 60, in the heart of the Mundelein/Vernon Hills shopping corridor. The Daily Herald called the property a ...
13-acre piece of vacant land that once held a self-storage facility. The land was to be used for rainwater detention.
Wal-Mart plan not derailed by foreclosure, Mundelein mayor says
Designated a multi-use property, the land is zoned both commercial and residential. Most importantly it is zoned agricultural. As readers of this blog are aware ...
The Ganja Line Starts in Mundelein
three marijuana dispensaries in Mundelein were granted licenses last week. The basic laws of economics -- it goes without saying -- dictate that when demand exceeds supply, suppliers reap big rewards.

This is a foreclosure and the land is priced to sell. A municipal government (which shall remain unnamed) has promised to return 50% of all sales taxes generated by the property.

A one-of-a-kind deal like this cannot last for long.

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