Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Scoop the Poop

The thought of slowly descending into the bowels of a sludge pit doesn't automatically bring to mind Aaron Lawlor. But it will if the Daily Herald has any say on the matter:
"A lot of people don't know what county government does," Lawlor said before his descent into the stinky pit. "By coming out and getting my hands dirty, I think we're showing them what Lake County does in a very interesting way."
Lake County Board Chairman Lawlor gets dirty for new cable TV program
Haha, Lake County Chairman Aaron Lawlor put on his protective gear and shot a photo-op in a Lake County water treatment facility. For those Ops with a strong stomach, here is the raw video:

Dirty Job
Lawlor will be starring in a series of educational videos, themed around the dirty jobs performed by the Lake County government. This is an apparent effort to raise the brand awareness -- either for Lake County government or for Aaron Lawlor.

Look for Lawlor to take on some of these dirty jobs, in the near future:
  • State Representative
  • State Senator
  • US Congressman
Dirty jobs all. But somebody has to do them.

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