Friday, January 2, 2015

99 Pennies for Your Thoughts

Your LakeCountyEye is betraying no secrets to reveal that the planetary odometer rolled over to 2015 on Thursday morning. Of course along with every New Year come the obligatory New Year's resolutions -- of which your LakeCountyEye has two this year:
  1. No More Recycled Jokes
  2. No More Cheap Shots at the Daily Herald
Your LakeCountyEye will keep a tally sheet and scores will be posted on Dec 31. Until then, the Daily Herald wants your input:
The Daily Herald considers its letters space to be a forum for unfettered community conversation. We strive to publish as many of the letters we receive as possible, with subjects ranging from a simple observation about life in a local community to a passionate discussion about controversial local, national or international issues.
Join the suburban conversation on our editorial page
Your chance to join the suburban conversation is just one click away ...

Join the suburban conversation on our editorial page
Note to Ops: Give the mailman your letter to the the Herald. A first class stamp is only 49¢.

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