Sunday, January 5, 2014

Lake County Under the Weather

Audrey JrLake County thermometers may all read minus 30 below (and in the shade) but your LakeCountyEye has nothing to complain about. The LakeCountyEye franklin stove is stoked and aglow with this month's medical marijuana prescription.

Haha, as of January 1, medical marijuana became street-legal in Illinois. But operatives are advised not to line up outside their 24-hour drive-thru pharmacy just yet. The State still has to approve who gets to grow and sell the stuff. Furthermore, the Daily Herald says ...
Even if the state starts regulating growers and sellers at the end of the year, marijuana might not be available immediately. Medical marijuana sold in Illinois must be grown in Illinois, and setting up infrastructure could take time.
Medical pot legal, but state needs time to write rules

Happily, however, Lake County has already named a task force to draw up rules needed to regulate the cultivation and distribution of marijuana within the County. Your LakeCountyEye hasn't the time to obtain the specifics of those rules and regs, but does know Lake County will be ready to rock'n'roll when marijuana does become available. According to the Daily Herald ...
Lake County Board Chairman Aaron Lawlor praised the task force's work.
Lake County task force creates model rules for pot businesses

It goes without saying that medical marijuana is for medicinal use only. This means operatives have only about 12 months to contract a State approved medical condition before they can ask their MDs for their prescription cannabis. Your LakeCountyEye does have the time to obtain the names of illnesses that qualify. There are at least ten of them -- the good news is, you only need to come down with one:
Ten Medical Conditions
Treatable with Medical Marijuana
in Lake County
  1. The Waukegan Pneumonia

  2. And the Blarney Island Flu

  3. Radiation Sickness
    Available to CLC Students Only

  4. An Itchy Trigger Finger

  5. The Vapors
    Available to Countryside Landfill Patrons Only

  6. Gambling Addiction?
    Call 1-800-DOOBIE

  7. Route 53 Extension Dysfunction

  8. The Backyard Chicken Pox

  9. Faced

  10. Reefer Madness
Look for your LakeCountyEye, not just some potted plant.

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