Saturday, January 11, 2014

Extension Gate!

Rod Blagojevich may have to relinquish the title of America's Most Asinine Ex-Governor -- that's because Chris Christie's political career is collapsing faster than the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Someone in the New Jersey Governor's office who thought it a was good way to punk their enemies, gave an order last September to shut down the George Washington Bridge. While brutally epic in scope, the political prank dubbed Bridge-Gate has now backfired, undermining Governor Chris Christie's presidential aspirations. According to the Chicago Tribune ...
More than 1,000 pages of documents subpoenaed by New Jersey lawmakers investigating the massive, four-day traffic jam in Fort Lee were made public after days of damaging disclosures about the role Christie's staff played in the September shutdown, which appeared to be political payback.
Documents cast new light on Christie bridge scandal
New documents just released indicate that Christie has political enemies as far away as Lake County. Prior to his landslide re-election, New Jersey Governor Christie had solicited endorsements from some high-ranking Lake County elected officials. But when the endorsements did not materialize, your LakeCountyEye has learned, the following e-mail was issued from Christie's office:
The e-mail clearly says ...
Time for some traffic problems in LAKE COUNTY ILLINOIS
One anonymous Lake County elected official spoke to your LakeCountyEye under the condition of anonymity: "You may not have noticed, but soon after that e-mail was sent, the Route 53/120 Blue Ribbon Advisory Council issued a report saying that the Route 53 Extension was going to cost the taxpayer $3 Billion. That was no coincidence. There had been a secret deal in the works to pay for the Route 53 Extension -- the Illinois Toll Authority was going to dip into petty cash to become a silent partner in a new Donald Trump casino in Atlantic City. But when Christie didn't get the endorsements he wanted, the deal all of a sudden went south."

"Politics ain't beanbag in New Jersey." said this anonymous official. "The Illinois Toll Authority is now going to have to get all that money from out of the wazoo of the Lake County taxpayer. Don't expect to see the Route 53 Extension built in my or your lifetime. And I put the blame 100% on Chris Christie."

Your LakeCountyEye will keep you posted as further developments warrant.

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