Monday, December 5, 2011

The Spies Who Came in for Cong. Dold

This must be oppo week in Lake County. As readers of this blog are off-guardedly aware, State Rep Sandy Cole had been observed probing the petitions of other candidates ...
The Spy Who Came in was Rep. Cole
Now there is news that operatives from the office of Tenth District Congressman Robert Dold were observed surveilling a Wheeling Township Democrats meeting. According to the Tribune ...
Indicating how frightened Republicans are by the strong field of 10th District Democrats, three staffers for incumbent Republican Rep. Bob Dold (IL-10) attended last night's Wheeling Township Democrats Candidates Forum. The Dold staffers included Philippe Melin, the Congressman's taxpayer-funded District Representative and 2010 campaign field director, plus an as-yet unidentified man and woman.
Dold Staffers "The Three Mouseketeers" Sneak Into Wheeling Dems Candidates Forum
Operatives are advised not to bother clicking the TribLocal link. All it will get them for their effort is this 404 Error:
The story however may still be available in the Google Cache:
Dold Staffers "The Three Mouseketeers" Sneak Into Wheeling Dems Candidates Forum
Now, no one thinks a TribLocal story is anything like a legitimate news story. So your LakeCountyEye wonders why the Tribune even bothers scrubbing stories off of their TribLocal websites when they get a complaint. Just sayin'.

Your LakeCountyEye also wonders why Dold staffers would bother trying to sneak into a public meeting, incognito. Dudes, you're going to be IDed. Why bother?

Here is how it is done: waltz in, find the most conspicuous spot to set up the FlipCam, and wait for your macaca moment. It works like a charm at Joe Walsh townhalls.

Your LakeCountyEye suspects the one staffer was avoiding identification because he is Dold's District Representative -- in other words the staffer is on the federal payroll. Which would be a violation of the Hatch Act or the Mann Act or something. A minimum security federal prison is still a federal prison.

Please remember, next time you need to know what the competition is up to, your LakeCountyEye works discretely and cheaply. No job is too small. Expect nothing less than a proven track record of an enviable 96% accuracy. And satisfaction 100% guaranteed!


Anonymous said...

I love that the guy tries to hide his face while wearing a monogrammed shirt. Not just duh, but a fruiffy kind of duh!

Anonymous said...

Under the Hatch Act federal employees are allowed to attend political events AFTER HOURS. This event was a 7 pm. Your time would be better spent looking into John Tree making political fundraising calls while in his military uniform on the plane the other day before he got called to be a big hero and stop an unruly passenger. That is a violation of the Hatch Act.

Sam Shapiro said...

It was a total waste of time to attend the meeting to hear which Democrat would try to raise taxes the most. But, Wednesday is a slow TV night so I guess going to this publicly advertised meeting:

on their own time might have been good for a few more laughs than watching reruns of Modern Family.

Anonymous said...

This Lake County Eye post is very likely actionable defamation. False accusations of criminal behavior are serious business, even by innuendo.

Anonymous said...

So a federal employee is unable to attend an open political meeting after his work day is done? They cannot exercise any political rights? Ever? He broke the law somehow? And he "snuck" into an open meeting?

No laws were broken here. An immediate retraction would be advisable. Maybe you ought to mimic the Tribune, which is well versed in such matters and which promptly yanked the press release.

Why were the Wheeling Democrats so upset over his presence? Why didn't they post a sign outside stating "No Republicans Welcome" or "Only like minded individuals invited."

Proof again that Lake County Eye is no Onion.

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

Gee Louis, like the Lake Villa Republicans, the Zion Republicans, the Antioch Republicans, The Lake County Tea Party and 9/12 Patriots? Not a lot of welcoming going on there. However, Steve Carlson was certainly welcome and enjoyed the Warren Dems meeting in October.

If the guy at this meeting believed he was rightfully there, why was he hiding his face?

Anonymous said...

No retraction needed Eye. Some district staffers do not work set hours and punch in and out for their time. They also get reimbursed for mileage. Your suggestion that he might wish to avoid detection encompasses a reasonable interpretation of the facts. But then again, you're dealing with the lawsuit reform minded GOP here, so they won't hesitate to scurry into the courthouse for a little political frivolity. Better strap it down, cinch it up, and, well, you get the picture.

Anonymous said...

We welcome everyone to our meetings. We don't have hissy fits because someone from the opposing party attends like the Wheeling Democrats did! We even had Democrats attending our last county convention! No biggie!

Even the Tea Party and 9/12 groups behave better than that!

Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

Louis G. Atsaves

District116 said...

Speaking of disappearing acts, on page 10 of today's Daily Herald they showed a chart of 'Final Filings in Lake County'. Included in the list was Cynthia Pruim Haran, Democratic candidate for Circuit Court Clerk. But on page 11 she did a disappearing act when it was reported that "A Democratic candidate has not surfaced". Maybe she found something better to do instead.

Keep It Real said...

Anonymous 12/6/11 8:07 .....

Was it a video phone? How the heck would anyone on the other line know if the guy was wearing a t-shirt and jeans or a 3-piece suit or anything else?

You fail.

And you sound awfully alot like the ANONYMOUS coward Repuglican staffer who claims to be able to see through people and airline seats.

Quite the ko-inky-dink that you're both ANONYMOUSLY flinging wild, unproven accusations.

Anonymous said...

Tsk, tsk, tsk my hind end, Louis. The Tea Party had minders in the parking lot at the Living Waters Church meeting in 2010 and suggested that an individual was unwelcome because of the Obama bumper sticker on her car. Then again, you seem to be a 9/12 regular, so perhaps you know better.

Anonymous said...

Looks like that info is up at a different site.

Cons sure are acting like stuck pigs after getting caught at the Dems meeting. Why again did it take 3 of Dold's workers to do this oppo research 11 months early ????

This lil piggy went to cover Sheyman.

This lil piggy went to cover Schneider.

This lil piggy went to cover Tree.

And to find out that Phillippe guy works for Dold's Congress office. Cue the Church Lady: How convenient!

Your tax dollars at work 10th district!

And now the fraidy cat moldy doldies are threatening ye olde Lake County Eye with a frivolous lawsuit for reporting that Gooper operatives went to a Demo meeting ???

Hysterical. Pathetic. Hyspthetical!

The only one opening himself up to a defamation lawsuit is Anon 8:07.

No matter how desperately you want to lie about Big Bad Johnny Tree the FAA doesn't allow people to use cell phones while planes are in the air you moron.

Anonymous said...

The FAA forbids use of cell phones on planes? I thought only during take off and landings. Those announcements during flights about when you can and when you cannot use them are anti-FAA regulation?

In fact I subscribe to something called GoGo which is promoted by many airlines and allows you to make calls for a hugely inflated fee. You can also send and read e-mails while airborne in between take offs and landings through this service.

So what was broken again? Other than the credibility of Wheeling Democrats who were offended that their open meeting was "snuck into?"

Louis G. Atsaves

Anonymous said...

The word 'snuck' is most often and more appropriately used in fiction. Rarely has reality or even reason sneaked into Louis's posts.