Friday, February 6, 2009

Republican Mark Kirk Votes Against Fair Pay for Women TWICE!!!

The 111th Congress has just gotten started, but the House and the Senate already have revisited two critically important pieces of legislation aimed at ending gender discrimination in the workplace: The Ledbetter Fair Pay Act (LFPA) and the Paycheck Fairness Act (PCFA).

Both bills passed the House last year. But the LFPA was killed in a Senate filibuster led by Republicans seeking to protect corporations from a surge in discrimination lawsuits. The Paycheck Fairness Act didn’t even make it to the Senate floor in 2008, as the clock ran out on the 110th Congress.

Kirk once again proved himself a typical party-line Republican committed to protecting corporate interests above the basic needs and rights of the American people. As he did last year, Kirk sided with other House Republicans seeking to protect corporations from a surge in wage discrimination lawsuits and voted against both bills.

Surely Congressman Kirk is NOT listening to his constituency.


LC Truth said...

You would think Kirk is a god when you visit the Team America's Tenth District Blog.
His "no" vote to such a bill the embodies the vision of our forefathers that we are all created equal should be an embarrassment to his district.

Team America said...

So much for lakecountyeye being a non-partisan blog, I guess. I thought Team America and Ellen of the Tenth had the partisan waterfront pretty much covered, but I guess there's always room for another Dem blog.

Anonymous said...

Since when is equal pay for equal work a Democratic Issue....don't be so sensitive TA

Andy Quinn said...

This post is a joke. I really don't think that the only Republican endorsed by Planned Parenthood in ANY federal race in 2008 is "party line" by any stretch of the imagination.

Kirk was also endorsed by the liberally-leaning League of Conservation Voters, the Sierra Club,the ILEA-NEA...sigh. Every time opponents argue that the Congressman is party-line, he WIDENS his margin of victory.

Even when Obama handily carried the 10th, Kirk won by significantly wider margins than in 2006.

So, please, from a Kirk supporter: keep trying to tell voters he's party line. That strategy is working great to help us fight for re-election!