Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Antioch Township is always entertaining politically!

Lake county politics are strange sometimes, but this one is odd. It should be easy to deduce where a candidate lives, both address are inside the township so why should anyone say differently?
From the Daily Herald--
The race for Antioch Township assessor is already heating up, with incumbent Heather Kufalk-Marotta protesting her opponent's petitions, and challenger Gene Kryczka challenging Kufalk-Marotta's residency. Kufalk-Marotta says more than 185 names on Kryczka's nominating petitions are illegitimate, including two names of people who are dead and six names of people who have sworn affidavits saying they never signed the petition. She's lodged a complaint with the Lake County State's Attorney's office. Kryczka says that Kufalk-Marotta doesn't live at the Grass Lake Road address she claims, but really lives on West A Street in Antioch. He's filed a challenge with the electoral board.


Anonymous said...

This is bizarre. Clearly the current Antioch Township Assessor is taking every precaution to hang onto her job. Did you know that the Antioch Assessor is paid nearly $70,000.00? This does not account for any raises that may have been passed by the current administration for next year. Township officials are completely overpaid.

Anonymous said...

At least the current Antioch Assessor didn't forge my name! I just got a copy of the petition for nomination and was amazed to see that I supposedly signed it. Not even close to my signature and the idiot that signed it even misspelled my name. I've lived in Antioch my entire life and am disgusted that something like this would happen.