Thursday, June 27, 2024

Joint Return

I ain't with the drama, you can meet my llama.
Note to bounty hunters: Now that marijuana is legal, you should have guessed that Chief Keef would be back in Illinois:
Thousands gathered this year for the Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash Festival at SeatGeek Stadium in Bridgeview, just outside of Chicago. Every year this festival brings to town some of the hottest talent in hip-hop. But this year was special for the hometown crowd as the legendary, mythical Chicago artist Chief Keef was slated to headline the final night of the festival. Chief Keef has essentially been living in exile from his hometown for the past twelve years, due to a mixture of legal issues and a general fear that his presence may result in violence.
The Show Must Go On
Chief Keef performs in Chicagoland for the first time in twelve years despite severe weather.
For the record, Chief Keef is a supporter of Donald Trump:
13 Rappers Who Are Still Supporting Donald Trump
Mr Keef has not been the only Lake County GOP favorite son spotted this month. Lake County GOP favorite son Louis Atsaves was seen at the Illinois Republican Party Convention in Collinsville:
Bring Me the Head of ...
Coming up tomorrow: Who was spotted at Lake County GOP potluck picnic & gun raffle? Yet another Lake County GOP favorite son, Ted Nugent. Nugent shared the trophy for the three-legged race.

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