Thursday, March 14, 2024

Eat and Run

food is good
In Lake County, any politician who does not campaign on lunch bucket issues risks being handed their lunch. So it should come as no surprise that backbench State Rep Martin McLaughlin says inflation is making your grocery bill way too high:
McLaughlin on inflation in Illinois: 'Things are tough for people and there's no relief in sight'
And if McLaughlin has his way you will need to buy plenty of those groceries to feed a growing family. That's because Martin McLaughlin is anti-choice:
Each election cycle the Right to Life McHenry County puts out a list of candidates that support their pro-life position so voters can elect representatives that reflect their values. We're proud to say that Marty is on that list!
And be prepared to secure a loan before buying those groceries. Martin McLaughlin wants a sales tax on your grocery purchases:
Mayors slam Pritzker’s proposal to eliminate grocery tax
Note to Ops: Be sure to clip those grocery coupons. They not only lower the cost of your groceries, but your grocery tax as well.

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