Thursday, October 19, 2023

The Ninth Circle

Stay on the straight and narrow.
Been experiencing dizziness lately? You're not alone. Lake County has a new roundabout:
Lake County's ninth roundabout near Wauconda opens early
With it being the 21st Century and everything, Lake County is all in on traffic circles. A roundabout will efficiently move vehicles through an intersection and at a fraction of the cost -- what's not to like? Nothing, not to mention all the things to like. Of which there are ten:
10 Off-Label Benefits of a Lake County Traffic Circle
  1. The Waukegan Airport can annex it for a circular runway.

  2. Trucks will crash in the roundabout before crashing into the Long Grove bridge.

  3. Call it the Route 53 Extension. Solve all of your traffic problems.*

  4. Host the next GOP Presidential debate there. It can be promoted as the Circular Firing Squad.

  5. Waukegan casino? No dice. Instead play roundabout roulette.

  6. Prototype the new Six Flags thrill ride.

  7. A totally tubular spot for an outdoor marijuana festival.

  8. Install some red-light cameras and the roundabout pays for itself.

  9. All-purpose Mexican Independence Day parade route.

  10. Make it a TIF district. Because you can.

* This joke circa 2007.
Look for your LakeCountyEye circling, near you.

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Anonymous said...

In Crook County, the Village of South Holland installed a traffic circle/roundabout; it wasn't long before someone tried driving OVER it, and got stuck by the landscaping in the center. Its happened to have fresh damage a few times over the years. No info on how many accidents by people not paying attention to "Yield" signs.