Friday, July 28, 2023

Blast Shields

Question of the day:
When in Lake Bluff, what do you say to a pickleball player?
See you in court.
HaHa, the legal guns are out in Lake Bluff and the target is pickleball:
The use of pickleball courts in Lake Bluff's Blair Park has ignited a contentious battle between the village and the Park District, with both sides appearing to dig in for a protracted fight. In a dispute stemming from a noise complaint coming from play on pickleball courts, the two government entities are at odds whether the Park District acted within its authority to operate the courts, and whether village approval was required for the conversion from tennis to pickleball courts.
Lake Bluff, Park District at odds over pickleball courts; 'We have to enforce the zoning code'
Along with noisy pickleball, the Village of Lake Bluff has also banned noisy leaf blowers:
Following a regional examination of the issue with participation from many North Shore communities, the Lake Bluff board instituted the seasonal ban earlier this year as the use of gas-powered leaf blowers have generated environmental concerns and the noise they make is considered an irritant by some.
Lake Bluff denies leaf-blower exemption for prominent local couple; 'We take great pride in the appearance of this property'
All that peace and quiet in Lake Bluff no doubt made it easier to hear all of the gunfire coming from neighboring Lake Forest. Where the Shields Township GOP held a social, with open-range target shooting:
Note to Ops: Are there little ones running around? Then make sure all of your firearms are equipped with child safety locks!

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