Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Charity Begins at Someone Else's Home

give til it hurts
Operatives who are fundraising in Lake County are advised to wear a face mask. That's because when Richard Uihlein eschews, the Lake County GOP catches a cold. And Lake County moneybags Richard Uihlein has been eschewing:
The suburbs' most prodigious political donor and his wife made about $6.9 million in campaign contributions in the year's first quarter -- but only one went to a candidate in Illinois. The vast majority of donations from Lake Forest's Richard and Elizabeth Uihlein went to Republican congressional campaigns in 21 other states and to national groups, records show.
Lake Forest megadonors eschewed suburban candidates in the first quarter, records show
Lake Forest's Uihleins give to just one Illinoisan
No doubt about it, contribution dollars are draining out of Lake County and are going to out-of-state candidates. And yet, local Republican leaders are unfazed. One Lake County GOP spokesman said this: "We've been telling our candidates, all along, to move to a red state. They're not going to win in Lake County."

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