Saturday, July 23, 2022

Turn Up the Heat

Were they served up a sack of soggy nuggets at the McHenryCountyBlog? What explains their vendetta against a neighborhood restaurant?

This restaurant had planned to host a drag show and brunch.

The McHenryCountyBlog posted a picture of the invitation:

And the McHenryCountyBlog posted the ticket prices, highlighting the kids prices:

And the McHenryCountyBlog posted a picture of the alleged Highland Park shooter dressed in drag:

The McHenryCountyBlog posted more than a dozen updates to the story, frequently repeating the images.

In the interim, the restaurant received ugly calls, threatening messages and excrement were put at the door, windows were broken and the shop was vandalized. The event has been cancelled:
Police arrest suspect in hate crime involving UpRising Bakery & Cafe
Note to the McHenryCountyBlog: stay classy.

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