Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Party Line Vote

That giant ka-ching sound you heard came from the direction of Lake County moneybags, Richard Uihlein:
Late Wednesday, conservative megadonor Richard Uihlein, founder of the privately held Uline office supply business, gave $2.5 million to state Sen. Darren Bailey's effort for the GOP governor nomination. That's on top of $1 million Uihlein already contributed to Bailey's campaign.
Another billionaire throws major cash into the race for Illinois governor
For the record, Darren Bailey lost last week in a Lake County Republican straw poll. As readers of this blog are aware, Bailey's opponent "bussed in a bunch of Indian voters" in order to stuff the ballot box:
Too Many Chuffs and Not Enough Indians
Note to GOP Ops: Are you tired of seeing your elections stolen by better organized opponents? Then equip all of your polling locations with a Corrugated Floor Standing Ballot Box:
These ballot boxes are corrugated, stand at 50", and include a plain removable header. Best of all, these boxes are available at ULINE now!

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Anonymous said...

Boxes not only for elections boxes but also for suggestion boxes. Here’s a suggestion: Quit trying to buy elections and donate your money to real causes that don’t involve personal gain, Mr. Moneybags.