Thursday, March 18, 2021

A Poor Third Lake

At long last, should there not be a light at the end of the tunnel? For more than a year now, Lake County has patiently endured hardships and uncertainty. And the Illinois legislature is still only at the start of the redistricting process!
Illinois lawmakers are set to formally begin the once-a-decade task of redrawing the state’s legislative and congressional districts
Illinois legislators begin redistricting process amid census delays that complicate an already raucously partisan event
Residents of Third Lake, however, need not despair.  Your Village is not waiting on Springfield -- Third Lake has been redistricted already. Despite the fact that your lake is not under the Village's jurisdiction, a new ordinance puts Third Lake off-limits to non-residents.  That is, unless they spring for a $55 fee:
F. Non-Resident Fees.
Non-resident guest passes may be purchased for a consecutive three (3) calendar day period for $55.00.

Village of Third Lake Ordinance No. 21-01-01
Note to non-resident Ops: Supplies may be limited.


President Buck Up said...

I need your money! Involuntary annexation is expensive and is priority #1. I need 100% of the lakes annexed into the village to legalize my currently illegal ordinance. First, forcibly annex the remaining unincorporated area of and near Third Lake. Next, forcibly annex the remaining unincorporated area of and near Druce Lake. All I need is each target reduced to the size I need it to be, under 60 acres. My imperialism can then enter its final stage. Already 1 area is bound by a forest preserve. The other by another municipality. 4 sides. My new village attorney boasts he is the annexation guru, and I am putting him to work. But he ain’t cheap. It is a pricey right hook, left upper-cut combo that my legal lap dog and I have to do to get my 100% and legal cover. No cost will be spared. But wait. Here is the best part. Funding to forcibly annex the unincorporated areas will be paid for by......unincorporated residents. You heard it here. Buck up, suckers, and buy more boat stickers, or else I will have the Sheriff patrol fine you for being the criminal you are.

Frog legs anyone? said...

Never having jurisdiction Third Lake officials started years ago by charging sticker fees against resident lake owners to boat on their lake, literally their lake. Frogs being brought to a slow boil. Then this year they grew their steal to include non residents. Insatiably greedy hacks exploiting the lakes, violating state laws along the way. Residents are tricked into demanding non residents also pay for sticker fees, pitting neighbor against neighbor. A new village attorney acquired and at the ready for countless billable hours. The County Sheriff already drawn into the grift. The IDNR and county complacently sit by idle while the plundering spills into unincorporated Lake County. Involuntary annexation is inevitably looming to legalize something illegal. The gas valve is now opening to full flame. The cheats have all the ingredients for their expensive war.

Anonymous said...

The above contain 2005 and 2008 letters from the Clausen Miller attorney author of HB3441- 95th General Assembly and are a part of the legislative history before the clarification law was enacted. Village boat sticker fees were unsuccessfully attempted on private Round Lake because they were illegal. They were illegal then and are illegal now, no different than on private Third Lake.

Owners should file for a declaratory judgement with the Circuit Court and request a cease and desist from village idiots and any county police officers harassing you with this village garbage. The 2005 letter underscores the attorney’s knowledge of involuntary annexation by villages. Thus you will need to also inform the judge the Village President of Third Lake has been facilitating a criminal enterprise and his quest to continue it means your property in his crosshairs for annexation.

Anonymous said...

President The Buck Stops Somewhere Else verifiably abuses the powers of local government scheming to further build on his illegal personal agenda. Buckley has by HIS choice opened the door to illegal behavior. His lead by example by definition is inviting even more illegal behavior. State’s Attorney Rinehart needs to intervene, prosecute, and enforce the existing laws.

Anonymous said...

Jesus if this doesn’t exhibit bad government, I don’t know what does. A government that lies to justifies its actions, compiling more lies to keep its lie alive and pile on the lie. For what? Money and control. Not the reasons given by the lying villagers.

Anonymous said...

President Buckley was confronted last summer as he began a (illegal) ban on hunting. The hunters know Buckley is full of it and contacted the authorities. Buckley admitted to the authorities ( Buckley knows exactly who that is) that his village regulations on the lakes have always been illegal. He has always known. As justification for his actions and to keep authorities at bay, Buckley promised the authorities that his plan includes rapidly annexing people’s private properties to incorporate the entire Druce and Third lakes.

Despite the lip service, his plan all along has been to try to make his illegalities moot through annexation. There’s no coincidence he at the same time hired a new legal firm, one with expertise in annexation, litigation, municipal ordinances, and prosecution of ordinance violators. Yes, that’s their sales pitch on their website.

If they are the experts like they say they are, they too would know the illegality of the lakes ordinance.

It reeks of very low tide in Third Lake.

Anonymous said...

Taxation without representation. Democracy is dead in Third Lake.

Anonymous said...

President Butch Buckley spins his web of lies. Operating under the guise of “safety” as an excuse for local ordinances, lake purchases, and annexation, no one thinks to ask why he isn’t enforcing existing laws to assure safety. No, it is power that motivates Buckley, the power to use his government title to control and take what is not his. Buckley is nothing but a common thief.

Small Town Fool said...

When and where can I pay for a village boat sticker?

Small Town Fool said...

And should I cut the check to the mayor or to the county cops?

HB3441 author - attorney said...

“We learned of a last minute effort by a Lake County Board Member and a Republican political ally of that person to apply pressure to several Senators to vote against the bill. Apparently 1 or 2 mayors still want the (arcane) jurisdictional statute to stay on the books, unaltered since 1871, so that they may attempt to bully landowners whom they do not represent with land use restrictions on property outside the corporate limits of their municipality. The mayors argue that they will lose their power to protect the safety of their citizens who use the lake. This is not only false, but it is intentionally misleading. These very mayors have been told, by both public and private attorneys, that they will retain the general police power over waters abutting their villages. They can use that power to enforce the Illinois Boat Registration and Safety Act - a comprehensive safety statute governing the use of all watercraft on all waters within the State, public and private. They can use their police power to enforce the Illinois Criminal Code, the regulations of the Illinois EPA, or any number of State laws. This attempt to characterize this as a safety issue is false and misleading. Clearly this is about power.........”

Third Lake’s problem is its officials are addicted to the power to illegally tax.

Anonymous said...

Political hacks. All trying to turn a legal issue into a political one. The truth is villagers can go get a thousand names on a petition to support 21-01-01. It’s all pointless. A thousand names or even 1en thousand or whatever on the petition still means the ordinance is illegal. The lakes legally belong to the owners. Full stop. If the owners all don’t agree with a local ordinance, that means state laws on the lake are the only ones legal. That’s it. There’s sound reasoning behind the 1988 Supreme Court’s ruling. If the villagers don’t like it, they should move to Wisconsin and stop trying to take what isn’t theirs in Illinois.

Anonymous said...

In addition to F., the next subsection G. of the village ordinance targets the plundering of unincorporated residents, too. Assuming the village attorney passed the bar and cannot claim he somehow does not understand the law, how is it he still has his license after releasing this turd?

Or is the legal defense something out of the Kraken’s playbook: “No reasonable person would ever believe what’s ridiculously written and said to be required in the Village of Third Lake’ordinances. It was never intended to be taken seriously.”

Yes, only the unreasonable jerks paid for village boat sticker fees and fines. Yes, Blame the victims, a classic legal defense of Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe.

George Costanza said...

It’s not a lie as long as you believe it.

Anonymous said...

Illegal ordinances, forced annexation schemes. What will the hat trick be by Third Lake? Eminent domain abuse?

You can do it, Butch! Don’t sell yourself short!

Anonymous said...

This inbred redneck of a mayor is running unopposed in Third Lake. How dumb are Third Lakers?

Ship of Fools - World Party said...

“Using all the good people for your galley slaves
As you're little boat struggles through the warning waves, but you don't pay
You will pay tomorrow
You're gonna pay tomorrow, yeah
You're gonna pay tomorrow
Save me, save me from tomorrow
I don't want to sail with this ship of fools, no, no, no
Save me, save me from tomorrow
I don't want to sail with this ship of fools.”

Dumb & Dumber the Third said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!! Page 9 of this @ss-wipable boating ordinance says “the Village President” is the 1 deputized to issue citations. Not cops....because cops enforce real laws. No, this Prez enforces this toilet paper with the heavy skid marks left on it by lawyer Brian Baugh. OMG! This is literally Eric Cartman packed on to his Big Wheel, sporting his Eric Estrada “CHiP’s” sunglasses, CrackerJack badge pinned on his chest, peddling through the neighborhood and telling people to “ Respect My Authoritah.......and I want my 15 dollars!” Seriously who is stupid enough to pay Deputy Dog a milk bone much less $15 towards his sticker scam? This is SNL material.

Anonymous said...

Ordinance in hand, Bully Butch shakes down the elderly for money and threatens to have a county cop ticket them if they don’t do what he says. Eye on Lake County should print the truth.