Thursday, February 18, 2021

Web 0.0

If Buffalo Grove's village website was a smoker, then last week it went to the store for cigarettes and never came back.

HaHa, the Village of Buffalo Grove's website has gone dark:
Buffalo Grove is negotiating with a new vendor after its website went missing in action more than a week ago.
Buffalo Grove negotiating with new vendor after website crash
It goes without saying, if you can't trust your web vendor who can you trust?

Having said that, is your Village on the lookout for a new web vendor? Then look at what the Village of Old Mill Creek did with their website:
Village of Old Mill Creek
The Village of Old Mill Creek is monetizing their web presence by selling Las Vegas real estate.

Note to Ops: Is the Lake County casino is coming to the Village of Old Mill Creek? You heard it here first!

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