Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Say it Ain't So, Joe

Will Joe Walsh be AWOL from the Illinois presidential primary because he does not want to be the target of a drone strike? To be sure, it would seem unlikely that legitimate businessman and US President Donald J Trump would deliberately order a military attack against a political rival. However, in the words of one Pentagon insider: "Hey, we're talking about Donald Trump."

The Walsh campaign is telling the newspapers that Joe does not have the money to compete in Illinois:
Walsh spokesman Charles Siler said the decision was made to allocate scarce resources in other states, especially Iowa and New Hampshire — the states with the first 2020 votes in February.
Joe Walsh to skip Illinois GOP presidential primary
Your LakeCountyEye, however, was told that the Walsh for President campaign is better equipped to wage asymmetric war, and will pursue a stealth campaign in Illinois:
Note to Ops: Early voting starts Mar 2 2020, and correct spelling is important.
J - O - E - W - A - L - S - H - !

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