Sunday, March 10, 2019

Get Off Schock-Free

Press 1 if you are Not Guilty.  Press 2 if you are Guilty.
Honorary Lake County Ex-GOP-Congressman Aaron Schock got dealt a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card:
In a surprise move, federal prosecutors in Chicago announced they had agreed to drop all charges against Schock in what's known as a deferred prosecution.
Prosecutors in Chicago to drop charges against former U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock if he pays back IRS, campaign
Schock had been indicted for misusing Federal campaign money. These are similar charges that had sent former US Rep Jesse Jackson Jr to prison for 2 1/2 years.

As a general rule, it goes without saying, never pinch pennies when it comes to legal counsel.

Note to Lake County GOP Ops: If your legal representation is not up to snuff, it may be time to switch lawyers. Give Aaron Schock a call. Just because there is an R after your name, that doesn't mean you can expect a pardon. Just Sayin!


Anonymous said...

Republicans sadly do not lead by example. “Do as I say, not as I do.”

If you are politically connected and have an “R” after your name, you can expect to be held to a lower standard. Perfect for recruiting liars, cheats, grifters or those who want to be.

“Come join the “R’s”. We’re not a gang, we’re a club.”

Anonymous said...

This R’s attorney was convinced if the prosecutor took a “fresh look” at the situation that it would be “reasonable” to prevent any jail time for his crooked client.

“Fresh look” is code for “Other R’s in very high places have a personal interest to keep this grifteR out of jail, and where those other R’s have offered the carrot or stick to the prosecutor to ensure no jail time. You know, a ‘fresh look’.”

“Reasonable” is code for “Just ignore the verifiable facts which when summed up equal criminal behavior and betrayal of public trust. Why? Because I say so. You know, ‘reasonable’.”

Anonymous said...

Anon 3/11 9:57. Democrats have their baggage too. Just look at the newly elected Democratic LakeCounty Clerk and her patronage hirings directed at the hand of a Democratic State Rep.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Does the defender of the R’s really want to use Lake County officials - a board whose majority has historically been Republican - as the benchmark for ‘leading by example’?

If so, let’s be sure to look at that impressive example set by the last 2 Lake County Board Chairmen, 1 of which became a state senator, both R’s, both caught abusing their public offices and positions of power, both accused of criminal activity, neither who served time in jail.

Very impressive.

Anonymous said...

If anyone wanted to best compare any D’s to the Lake County R’s, a good comparison would be the D’s in Crook County. The likes of Burke, Berrios, Blago, Daley, Jackson Jr., Stroger, Preckwinkle, and Teflon Boss Madigan.

Question: How many D’s has the Democratic State’s Attorney in Crook County put in jail?
Answer: The same number as the R’s put in jail by the Republican State’s Attorney in Lake. Big goose egg.

Selective law enforcement to benefit the politically connected is the common denominator. I.e Get Out Of Jail Free cards