Tuesday, March 6, 2018

You're Doing It Wrong

This week's yardsign malfunction was spotted near Mundelein:
There is an old saying in Lake County: Never bother trying to bribe a yardsign with a pint of whiskey. Yardsigns don't vote.

Is this what a yardsign is supposed to look like when seen through beer goggles? Your LakeCountyEye certainly could not read it. Like the guy planted at the end of the bar, this yardsign isn't making a whole lot of sense.

You have to zoom in on it:
Note to Ops: Getting someone to vote for your candidate is hard.  Getting him to write-in your candidate's name on a ballot is an order of magnitude harder:
Which means the voter has to correctly spell your candidate's name. Don't make a demanding task worse than need be. For example, filing your write-in candidate to the ballot under his full name:
Just Sayin!

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